Thursday, June 17, 2010

Should the Pirates Extend Huntington?

Today it was rumored that Neil Huntington was going to be extended by the Pirates. Rocco had a post about what Neil said about the rumblings and then gave some of his thoughts. I agree with RD 100%.

Why would the Pirates do this you ask? Why with their 18th straight losing season looming? Why with a 23-42 record so far this year? The answer is simple. Consistency. With the Pirates going through the rebuilding process it would be a major step back to bring in a new general manager with possible new philosophies. What if the new GM comes in and doesn't like Tabata or Walker. You don't want to take steps back.

I am also willing to let Huntington's plan play out. He has had some pretty productive draft and have opened up the pocket books to try and pay for some players that were thought to not be interested in play in major league baseball and going to college when they have major upside.

Huntington was bashed for taking Tony Sanchez in the 2009 draft, but that turned out to be a pretty good pick, plus they were able to sign those over slot pitchers that others teams didn't pick in earlier rounds becuase of college commitments. That is working smart. Just throwing money around to appease the fans is not how I want management to run and drafts like that are a huge step in the right direction. It is sometimes better to work smart than hard.

The kids are starting to filter in for his plan and this draft class that just happened a few weeks ago is probably going to be make or break. If they can sign Taillon and Allie they might be set up pretty nice if those kids can progress through the system. Under Huntington's tenure they have also invested mucho dinero into the facilities in the Dominican Republic to try and foster some better players out of Latin America. Before Huntington was here that was a big criticism of management and Huntington had a hand into making that happen.

I know it has been 17 years (and counting) with an under .500 record but under this management for the first time there is some hope. There is a buzz about Tabata and Alvarez, something this team never had. That is progress and over the next year plus we are going to see what some of these picks and players are made of. Until then keeping it consistent is good and letting the plan follow through is important. To me at least.

I hope he gets picked up. He deserves a chance. Like I have said numerious times would you be ok with getting a new job and having everyone hate you on the first day because the last guy in your spot was very lazy and was a dick?

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