Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So it Continues: White Sox 7, Pirates 2

Not even the emergence of Pedro Alvarez could keep the Pirates from continuing their losing streak, which has now reached double-digits. I would say that this was a frustrating night, but as a Pirates fan I am pretty sure we have all seen this about 30 times already this year. Unless the staff can hold the opponent to three or less we have a tough time winning a game.

Hard to really say about Alvarez's game. I thought offensively he did a pretty nice job. He was 0-2 with a walk, but his plate presents was pretty good. His first two at bats were nice where he worked Danks to a full count both times, striking out in his first at bat and walking in his second. In his third at bat he got a pretty good piece of a Danks pitch and ripped it to left field, but Juan Pierre was there to make the catch. I think that was pretty good for a first night, get your feet wet and move on from there.

Defensively it was a little bit of everything from Pedro. Early he made the turn and was the lead off part of a 5-4-3 double play and then a few innings later he couldn't get his glove on a ball down the line. Now the ball down the line was not an easy play, and likely Andy LaRoche would not have made it either so it was really a moot point.

A little over 15k to come and see Pedro. I thought there would be a little bit more people from that but I guess there was more of a walk up than a normal Wednesday night game. So I guess more than 28 people walked up to buy tickets. Whatever. Pedro got a standing O when he went to the plate, which was nice. Before the game he seemed truly blessed to be up here. Gotta love it.

To say the Pirates defense was bad tonight would be giving them a lot of credit. They were booting balls like it was the new hot fad going on in the streets. Ryan Doumit continues to struggle trying to throw base runners out. In the ninth inning he tried to throw out Pierre and he short hoped Walker in which time Walker tried to block it like a catcher but the ball hit off his knee and went into right field letting a run from third score. The play before Walker couldn't get Pierre out on a slow roller to second. To top off the circus which was known as the Pirates defense in the same ninth inning Pierre steals third, Alvarez just misses a finally good throw by Doumit and then Bobby Crosby tries to throw out Pierre at home and over throws it letting Alex Rios go to second as he was walked on the pitch. All told it was six errors for the Pirates tonight. All six were after the seventh inning. Horrid and embarrassing.

Zach Duke wasn't very steller tonight either. He pitched three good innings then just imploded in the fourth, giving up three runs on a bunch of hits. I don't even know what to say.

Jose Tabata got his first hit, a home run in tonight's game. It was a laser. No doubter. That might have been the lone highlight tonight.

Ah, I am way too tired to even get into this. I would say I am frustrated with this performance tonight, but it is way past that point in these kinda games. It is a long season. There will be more losses like this, just gonna have to deal with them.


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