Thursday, June 24, 2010

This and That

Well there was a lot going on yeseterday in the sports world. The USA won a thrilling game in extra time, there was a tennis match that was halted after 10 hours due to darkness, the NHL Awards Show was on and the Pirates played, bad. Some quick links.

It might be the Civic Arena again [PG]
- While it was ok to have it named the Mellon Arena, it will always be the Civic Arena in my heart.

Dick LeBeau watches the Golden Girls? [OFTOT]

OFTOT and PSAMP (along with myself) will be at Steelers training camp. There will be after hours festivities for those interested. It is come one, come all [Facebook]

Pirates are bummin after a ton of players are getting hurt, including Tony Sanchez [WHYGAVS]

Hope you didn't buy that Dana Eveland jersey [Raise the Jolly Roger]

In case you missed the NHL Awards Show, the dudes from PH were there! [Puck Huffers]

Penguin Fans Have it good! [Faceoff Factor]

The Pirates lost [Yea]

For those of you who thought Pedro Alvarez was going to come up and save this franchise this year and hit .400 then you are an idiot. [Truth]

Ian is probably goign to beat me [The Steelers n'at]

That is all.

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