Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Frustrating Night...Brewers 5, Pirates 4

Here is just a few thoughts I have from the game last night, one which I was present at. Since the hotel I am staying at does not give you free internet I have to make this short and sweet. What hotel doesn't give you internet anymore? I blame Ryan Braun.

There was no way that Paul Maholm deserved that last night. Outside of the first two hitters he produced a real gem and put togeteher one of his best starts of the year. He hit a few batters, but outside of that he had his way with the Brewers. He went seven strong innings and when our starters can go seven innings it should be a win for the Pirtes. Great job by Paul.

With that being said, the pen isn't going to be able to convert every single opportunity. In a perfect world that would be the case, but as Pirate fans we should know that the world isn't going to be perfect. The pen has been so good for so long that this should have been something that we saw coming, but when it happens against the Brewers, in this fashion, it makes it so hard to take. It feels like you walked in on your girlfriend cheating on you with that guy that you hate.

Something needs done with Ryan Doumit. Sure, the dude can hit a little bit every know and then but he is such a liability in the field it is not even funny anymore. Up until now I haven't really said much, but when a guy gets on base late in the game and you are up one it is almost like you give up a double, becuase there is no chance of keeping that guy off second base. Just frustrating.

There were some good things. Cutch played a nice game, hopefully getting out of the slump he is in and Lastings Milledge went deep for the second time this season so it was nice to see. I went into the park right when it opened and watched BP and if the Pirates could hit half as well in BP in the game then we would be good. I mean you talk about hitting bombs, Garret Jones and Cutch put on a clinic on how to hit, some balls I would venture to say going 500 feet. It was really fun to watch. Maybe that is the problem. Maybe then need to try to hit line drives in BP rather than make it a home run derby. I have no idea.

All-in-all the fans weren't too bad at Miller Park. Granted I got the luxery of sitting in club seats last night, but as soon as we got there a few people came up to us and asked us (my friend and I) if we came from Pittsburgh and if we enjoyed it and told us to have a good time. After the game a few fans asked if we were staying the weekend and told us to have a good time and that they were glad we were in town. Maybe they were glad we were in town because the Pirates were playing the Brewers and they could get some wins, but who knows.

The last thing I will say is that I was actually embarassed by one of the things the Brewers did. They actually had cheerleaders on the field for pregame intros and during the seventh inning stretch. I actually have a picture of it, but this hotel computer will not let me download them, so I will post it later. But come on, this is not the XFL, we don't need cheerleaders on the field for baseball. The cheerleaders weren't even good. I mean none of them were in sync and it just looked like they learned the routine about 15 minutes before the game. Maybe I am too much of an old fashion guy when it comes to baseball but that has no place for me in the game.

Also there were some kids who made sure to get on me as I walked out the park becaue I was from the other team. Good, they should, I mean even though the Brewers aren't much better than we are if someone came to PNC Park I would give them a little grief, but not too much. Again this isn't like we are the Steelers or Penguins. These kids though, took it over the top. They start actually talking smack on the Steeelrs. Dude, when was the last time the Packers won anything? They treated it like the Brewers were a few games behind the NL Central leader and not that they were one of the worst teams in the NL Central with an $81 million payroll. Get some perspective.

I will be at the game again today, sitting in left field. Follow me on twitter if you want some picture and live game updates and make sure to join in on the Live Blog over at Raise the Jolly Roger for some Pirates talk.

Let Go Bucs


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