Sunday, July 11, 2010

Frustrating Weekend...Pirates Swept

I finally got back from Milwaukee for the weekend and after going to all three Pirate/Brewer games I can only come up with one word to describe it: frustrating. After today's game I just looked at my friend and Corey Hart's ball went over the left field fense and we just both said "You have to be kidding me"

So is the life of a Pirates fan.

Three games, three losses, two walk-off losses. To a bad team. The Brewers are not good. We are just worse.

The bad part was that two of the losses were blown saves by the pen. Hanrahan, Meek and Dotel who are normally money in those situtations really had a hard time pitching well. I guess you can't expect them to convert every single opportunity. This was tough.

I guess the best part of all of this is that Baltimore took all four games from Texas, which means that the Pirates are one game back from Baltimore for the worst record in the league and the number one overall pick in next year's draft. Hey, you gotta work for something right?

Anyways here are some of the pictures I took from the game. They are all from my camera phone so they might not be great, but still some good ones.

Tickets for Sunday's game were right down the third base line.

On Sunday Neil and GFJ talk about hitting, or something.

On Saturday I sat in right field. It was sweet there was like 20 Pirate fans out there. Good shit.

Karstens warming up on Saturday night. First two batters were money, after that, not so much

These are cheerleaders that Milwaukee has. It is embarassing. They are not even good.

Friday night I sat in club level. Good seats.

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