Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same: Astros 6, Pirates 3

The Pirates had a chance to gain some ground and get closer to moving out of the bottom of the NL Central as they faced off against the Houston Astros for a three game set. If the first two games are any indication of what the third game of this series is going to be like then it is going to be a tough third game to watch.

The Bucs really didn’t look good in either of the contests and tonight was pretty much the same thing as yesterday. Cheap home runs, bad pitching and not getting the timely hits.

Daniel McCutchen took to the mound tonight and just wasn’t very effective. He gave up two home runs which jumps his total to 11 home runs given up in only 28.1 innings pitched. Terrible. It doesn’t help that one of the home runs (Berkman) was a high fly ball that went 316 feet for a home run. Just a sickening home run. The Pirates staff gave up four total long balls tonight and that isn’t going to win you many games.

You know what else isn’t going to win you many games? Stranding a leadoff double. Now, from what I can see people do not like the bunting aspect of the game. Ronny Cedeno doubled to lead off and Daniel McCutchen was up. I am in favor of getting the runner over and having that runner at third with one out and the top of your lineup coming to bat. What happens? Daniel McCutched watches a first pitch fast ball right down the middle, then reaches for an outside pitch and puts it foul then swings at a pitch 16 feet out of the zone. What happens next? Cutch hits a deep fly ball that would have scored Cedeno from third, but alas no runs were scored.

Down 3-0 the Pirates actually made a run at it in the fourth inning. They collected six hits and scored three runs capped by a two run double from Ryan Church with nobody out. Yet again the Pirates were unable to drive home another runner home from second base with no outs. Most of that was due to Mike Bourne who absolutely robbed Ronny Cedeno in the right centerfield gap. Dude is real fast.

Ryan Doumit is still terrible at catching and sure Ryan Church had a big double, but he is terrible also and Lastings Milledge should be in the game.

Sort of a negative spin on the game tonight but it was just that kinda night for the Pirates and for most of us that still watch them. It is going to be a tough year and these games are going to come more often that not so it is just about thinking towards the future and what the kids have been able to do thus far.

There is a lot more to talk about but I think that is enough for tonight. Try to get this one tomorrow before going to Milwaukee where I will be in person for all three games.

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