Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pirates Snap Streak

Well, my shoddy internet went out last night and is still not up despite being told someone would "probably be out" this afternoon. Joke.

Since I am doing this on my mobile phone this will be very brief, but I wanted to talk about the Pirates game tonight.

A good win, although the Dorfer only went 1.1 and they staff as a whole gave up 6 runs.

A lot of good things though as Eric Kratz got his first hit in his first ML start. Awesome to watch how excited his dad was in the stands. Really cool moment.

Well the offense pulled through, but the player of the game in my opinions is Lastings Milledge. What a hell of a game he had. Got a few hits and make what could be called a game saving catch as he tracked down a Mike Bourn ball and made a leaping catch against the wall for the third out. He has been playing so well and its good to see he's getting everyday time. Milledge is hitting almost .400 with RISP and he continued that tonight. He has been on fire and with his average hovering around .280 he has been a great addition to this team.

All in all a great way to end a seven game skid.

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