Thursday, July 15, 2010

Quality Links

I haven't been around too much in the past couple of days due to the all-star break and my travels that kept me pretty much away from a computer from last Thursday until about Wednesday morning. Here are some unreal links:

Big ups to Ian from The Steelers N'at for getting married this past weekend.

Tim gives us a great look at the top 30 prospects in the Pirates system as of right now. [Bucco Fans]

Pat just runs down the pitchers in the system. [WHYGAVS]

Mike Florio gets a special message from tecmo. Hey Mike, how about doing some homework before you start talking. [PSAMP]

Some great day one and two coverage from the Pens rookie camp go over to Pens Universe. Or I could just link it, right? [Pens Universe]

The Penguins are getting some ice girls, I mean ice crew, and the ladies over at Puck Huffers give your their opinion on the matter. [Puck Huffers]

You said you wanted a training camp preview of the Steelers offensive line? You got it. [Steelers Depot]

Bing took home an ESPY [The Pitt Stop]

The Pirates signed their third round pick, Mel Rojas Jr. [Pirates Site]

I am tired. If I find the others I wanted to put on here (but totally forgot) I will add them later.

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