Thursday, July 29, 2010

Steelers Build New Building, sign Adams

Just when everyone starts to doubt the Steelers front office they go out and make two huge moves in two days. Yesterday they signed Kevin Colbert to a five year extention and today they signed Flozell Adams to a two year deal.

Colbert's deal was something everyone knew that would happen, but some people just simply don't have faith in the front office that they really should. Colbert has done an unreal job in the draft and with player management while with the Steelers and is one of the reasons that. Maybe something that overshadows Colbert is knowing when to resign players and when to let them go. Usually when a player is getting a little older, but still producing well Colbert, and the Steelers, will let them walk and they will under perform the next contract they sign. That is when you know you are legit. Great signing.

Today the Steelers signed this man:

(yes that is the ocean, not a tub Adams is standing in)

Oh, wait, that isn't Flozell Adams? Really? This is really him?

Looks like the same guy to me. Whatev.

The Steelers got Flozell Adams signed to a two year deal. If you remember Adams was brought in like a month ago for a workout and was never heard from again. Most people thought he was just a forgotten about possibility to replace Willie Colon. Oh ye of little faith. The Steelers break the news on Thursday of his signing and he will be in camp.

Adams is 6'7 340 pounds. Jesus.

There is some talk around that Max Starks might move back to right tackle, which is what he played for the Steelers in the past, so that Adams can play his natural left tackle spot. Instant upgrade

While Adams didn't have the best year last year and is a little longer in the tooth he is still an upgrade over anyone we have in camp now. Getting him in now will make it a lot better for him to learn everything.

This is very exciting news for a Steelers team that has had bad offensive lines the past few season. I am pretty excited. I will in in Latrobe for training camp next weekend and I will try to get a few pictures of him, but from what I hear it is impossible to get all of Adams in a single picture.

The Steelers are the best when everyone talks about the Bengals and Ravens. I like where this is going for the Steelers. If you are not starting to get excited for this team, then you should.

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