Monday, August 9, 2010

2010 Steelers Training Camp Video's

It was a great trip back to Pittsburgh this past weekend. Part of the trip was 100% devoted to watching the Pittsburgh Steelers take their annual pilgramage to Latrobe and take part in a night practice. This is a big time event in the Latrobe area and it brought over 12,000 people out, including your truely, to watch them do their thing. Luckily at work (the real job I have) got a new camera and needed someone to try it out. I took that opportunity to take some video's of the practice. They are nothing special, but I tried to get parts of passing drills and some of the 7-on-7 the Steelers did. Enjoy everyone!

Here we have some passing drills with Byron Leftwhich. That was @usbzoso yelling that he loved Brett Favre. Go figure.

Here is a look at the QB's throwing some fade patterns.

Here is a vid of some actual scrimmage work, the first play Mendenhall busted a big one

Ben being awesome

Ben again

Well there is what I have. Not the greatest, but still better than nothing.

Here We Go.

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