Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to Reality. Marlins 6, Pirates 0

It was back to the way things were on Tuesday night as the Pirates were striking out a lot on not getting the clutch hits they needed it and they get blanked by Florida.

It was a huge day yesterday, some say a franchise changing day, but I think people translated that into the Pirates being better this year. That isn't how it works. Not by a long shot.

The Pirates struck out 11 times, and shockingly none by Pedro Alvarez, who had two hits. Frustrating at bats where it took sometimes less than 30 seconds for hitter to get punched out via the K.

In the sixth inning the Pirates had a chance and loaded the bases with two outs but Neil Walker struck out on a 2-2 pitch in the dirt and there in lie the Pittsburgh Pirates in a nut shell.

Ryan Doumit does not need to play any more baseball for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2010. He struck out three times, which is bad in itself, but his defensive play in any position he plays is just embarassing. With two outs in the fifth inning there is a soft liner hit to right field. Doumit lets the ball drop, literally three feet in front of him while he is standing still. He might have moved a foot after the ball was hit. Anyone in right field can make that play. What happens after Doumit's blunder? A few more hits and more runs scored after that. Sucking is one thing, but just mailing it in and not giving an effort is a big problem for me. Don't worry though, his three strikeouts made up for it.

There was nothing else. Rocco informs us that Pedro is now the team leader in OPS. Awesome. Gonna be a long year (as if it wasn't already).

Lets hope for better tomorrow.

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