Saturday, August 28, 2010

James McDonald Video

Last night I went to Miller Park to watch the Pirates play. I pretty much go to every game when they come to town since I only live about 90 minutes outside of the stadium. Every time the same stuff happens. The Pirates lead for a good portion of the game then the wheels fall off.

Last night I was walking around the place and I definatly wanted to get some video of J Mac. The first four of these are from him in the bullpen. It was tough to get some of the video straight on so I basically focused on just him, and not actually tracking his pitches. I tried to do that at the end but people were sitting in the ideal seats I needed and couldn't get much better from where I was. Anyways here those are:

As I was moving around I got to sit pretty close on teh third base line and I tried to take some video of him pitching during the actually game. This was an at bat against Prince Fielder.

Hope you guys enjoyed this. It isn't the greatest, but it is better than nothing. Enjoy

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