Sunday, August 15, 2010

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

Much has been made of the Pirates continued slide during the 2010 season. One thing is for sure, this team seems incapible of putting together a complete game. When they score 10 runs the pitching doesn't shut it down, when you get a good pitching performance you can't get a few runs on the board. When you are ok in hitting and pitching your defense just mails it in. This is what Pirates baseball has been about in the recent past. Very frustrating.

Today was more of the same as it seems if the Pirates can't win any time of game anymore. They lost their seventh game in a row and their 14th loss in the last 17 games.

You know how bad this was? After the Astros took the lead, 3-2 in the sixth inning, I started writing this post. I finished it after the Astros scored four in that sixth inning. You just know how it was going to go.

Jeff Karstens has been pretty good this year, especially thohugh five innings. Tim brought us this tweet, which pretty much makes you want to throw up and when people ask about the frustration you can just show them this.

Actually right when the sixth inning started this is what I tweeted. Yea, I called it, but if you didn't see this coming then you haven't watched the Pirates this season.

Brian also had this to say to pretty much sum it all up nice and tight. Tim also chipped in this dandy, which I agree whole heartidly with.

How did this turn into me just linking tweets? No idea. What else can we talk about? Karsten's struggling in the 6th inning of the game? You would think when the sixth inning comes around and you have Jeff Karstens on the mound, with the lead, it would kind of be like a little kid that burns his hand on a hot stove. You know what that kid does the next time? He doesn't touch the god damned stove.

Frustration is setting in. Jamison Taillon and Stetson Allie better sign (which I believe both will) to make this a little better.

This game was just bad. From players not covering second base, to not being able to get Hunter Pence out, to striking out almost once an inning over the last few games you have see rock bottom. If this isn't rock bottom then I honestly don't want to see it.

I guess things could be worse, but hard to imagine.

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