Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pirates Book Wrap Up

Well things have been hecktic for me over the past couple of weeks. I have been traveling through the (not) great states of Iowa and Illinois. If you are a huge, and I mean massive, lover of corn then you might want to live there. All you see is corn, then a few cows then more corn. Unreal.

Along the way I have been going over twitter and keeping in touch on a few things here and there and figured I could dump a few links, mostly Pirates related, on you guys in case you have missed something like I would have if I wasn't one of these joke bloggers that cares way too much about their home state sports teams.

Turns out that the Pirates opened up their books and revealed some of the things that they were spending their money on. DK had a nice piece breaking it down and then after that Tim from Pirates Prospects took a look at what it was going to be like for the Pirates to compete with those book findings.

Matt over at PLC did a really nice job on a piece he wrote responding to a post on Mondesi's House. This actually happened before the whole book's came out, and MH basically bashed the Pirates for the low payroll. Here is Matt's response. One of the best articles on the Pirates this season so far. Right on the money.

Tim actually did a nice job of putting together a piece on what it looks like for players through their first six years in the major leagues. He used Jameson Taillon as an example. Good stuff here.

Pat gave us a some good incite from someone who pretty much hated Bob Nutting back in the day to where he is now and how things have changed.

There is a ton more going on with this, if you missed my Twitter rant you can check it out when I went on an eight tweet rampage on Sunday afternoon. I would link it here but I got way too lazy.

Bucs also won two out of three from the Cardinals. Who woulda thought?

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