Saturday, August 21, 2010

Steelers Preseason Game Day 2 - @ NY Giants

Yes, in fact it is still the preseason, and it is still only week two of four in the fake season. Some of you got the feel of it a week ago but things are going to start to rev it up a little bit, at least as much as a rev up you can get in the preseason. Everyone knows that the second and third preseason games are most of what you are going to see in the regular season. The second preseason game gets the starters a good bit of playing time, maybe over a quarter or so, and the third preseason game the starters go for about an entire half before none of them play in the fourth preseason game. Tonight should be fun. It is Steelers football so it is automatically awesome.

I could get into a big preview for the game and talk about things to look for, but to be honest they are pretty much the same things that I went over before the first preseason game. It is not like it has been six weeks since a game, it has been exactly a week, so not much changes.

Markice Pounucey will be fun to watch tonight. After last week a lot has been made that he should be starting in place of Justin Hartwig. That seems like a lot to say after just a few weeks of camp and one preseason game, but from what everyone is saying is that Pouncey is the real deal. His fellow lineman are kind of split with Max Starks pretty much telling everyone to take a chill pill because it is only one preseason game and others saying that he made every call the right way from the center position. He will mix in with Hartwig tonight so it should be fun to way. Pouncey is going to start one way or another, in my opinion, it is just a matter of where.

Big Ben is going to be in the game tonight, although from what I have read it is uncertain how many snaps he is going to get. It is going to be nice to see Ben in the game and back with his teammates. I am sure he is not going to get the best reception, but when did he ever on the road? Ben has looked good in camp and by all accounts has come back in great shape so it will be good to see #7 on the field again.

One final thought is going to be on the special teams battle that is going on for kick returns. Stef Logan will not return kicks tonight or next week, so in my opinion his days are numbered as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers. It has already been well documented that Logan makes this team as a kick and punt return specialist only. If Logan is not going to get any returns in weeks two or three then how can he expect to make this team? Antonio Brown will get the duties tonight against the Giants. Brown is real fast. Here is a clip that Cotter over at OFTOT had up the other day but it seems to fit here.

See :40 seconds in (kick return) and 1:01 in (punt return)...

Should be awesome. Here We Go.

Hit it.

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