Friday, September 3, 2010

Break Out Again, Pirates Win

Pretty nice play on words there with the title huh? Really didn't have to think too much about it, just came to me. The Pirates won their second game in three tries, which is a pretty big accomplishment for the Bucs considering how bad they have been lately.

The Pirates jumped out and erased a 1-0 deficit with eight runs in the fourth, fifth and sixth innings to put the game away relatively early. Even know the Nationals had the tying run at the plate late in the game the Pirates came through and got a big win. Although any win is a big win for the Pirates, it is not too often when the Pirates push across eight runs and bang out 11 hits.

The 2-6 hitters (Tabata, Walker, Jones, Alvarez, Doumit) went a combined 9-for-17 with seven RBI and seven runs scored. Not too bad for the middle of your lineup. So that is what a real middle of the lineup is supposed to do. To bad this only happens once every month and not more often.

Zach Duke did so so and went five innings and giving up four runs to get his seventh win of the season. The Pirates really dug deep in the bullpen tonight as they went to Gallagher, Ledezma, Park, Burres, Resop and then Hanrahan to close out the game.

The offense was good, but so was Resop and Hanrahan. Resop was hitting mid-90's and went after hitters knowing he was up three runs and pitched aggressive and it worked for him. Hanrahan came out in the ninth and just blew the Nationals away. His slider was at 84 and his fastball was around 97 all night. When the it came down to it Hanrahan just basically threw fastballs and said "see how far you can hit it" and it ended up in strikeouts. I love the confidence.

All in all a good game for the club. Lets hope Nyger Morgan doesn't try to fight with any fans tomorrow.

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