Sunday, September 26, 2010

Good Luck Chuck. Steelers Win. Steelers 38, Buccaneers 13

Well, well, well. Look at what has been going on. The Steelers play great defense, winning football games and Chuck batch throwing three touchdown passes in the win. No, this is not 1999, this is what Steelers football is about when the one they call Big Ben is not on the field. Pretty impressive. Suck it haters, 3-0 bitches.

Good luck might have been given to Chuck when he went out for the game, but Chuck politely said to take that luck and stick it up your ass.  Boom. (see how I used this sentence to justify using that PS?)

The Steelers got the ball first, after CBS was done jerking themselves off to how great Brett Favre looked when he was walking into the Viking Dome or whatever they call that dump. Jokes.

Well Chuck tossed up a pick on his first pass, which wasn't a good pick (but then again what is a good pick) and set up Tampa Bay on the Steelers 30 yard line or something. They gained nine yards on four plays and kicked a field goal. That was about all the excitement that was in store for the Bucs today. It also made it touch on the Tampa Bay squad going into Heinz Field with the way this defense has been playing.

Wait, what? They weren't playing in Pittsburgh? They were in Tampa? No they weren't. Really?

The Steelers were on beast mode from then on. Early in the game the offense didn't look good and you might have thought to yourself that this might be a long day, nah. Chuck had it all on lock. 46 yard BOMB to Mike Wallace and the Steelers had their first regulation touchdown of the season, in the third game. Whatev.

Not too shabby Chuck, not too shabby at all.  Not idea what the Buc's DB was doing.  Dude never turned around to look for the football.  The ball was under thrown and Wallace caught it because he was actually looking for the football. Amazing how that works huh?

That touchdown was the first of four touchdowns in the first half.  Three more in the second quarter.  In the first half  the Buccaneers had one good drive after the first Wallace touchdown.  They went 15 plays and ate up almost nine minutes of the game clock but only would settle for a field goal on the drive. Bend but don't break defense. Those points wouldn't be on the board if Ike Taylor made a routine interception. In a shocking revelation Ike Taylor can't catch.

Rashard got the goaline carry and put the Steelers ahead 14-6 and you probably had no idea what was going on because you hadn't seen two Steelers touchdowns in the same game all season.  Nuts.

Just when you were settling in to watch the defense carry the team to another victory it was off again for Chuck Batch.  Another under thrown ball is tipped by the Bucs DB and into the hands of Wallace for a 41-yard touchdown.


Hines Ward followed and Tampa Bay pretty much ignored him like the Bubonic Plague in the end zone for the third touchdown pass of the day for Chuck.

After scoring only 34 points in the previous two games the Steelers scored 28 in the first half of this game against a Tampa Bay team that was 2-0 and supposed to be amazing.  Not really.

This about sums up what the first half (and game) was like for Tampa Bay.


The second half was pretty bland.  The Steelers pounded the rock and got a three from Jeff Reed in the third quarter.

The fourth quarter brought a first for the Steelers defense. Tampa Bay was driving down the field trying to get back into the game, and then it happened.  Josh Freeman went back to pass, ball bounces off a receivers hands and into the air and Brett Keisel picked the pass off and took it back 79-yards to the house for the Steelers touchdown.

Keisel's first interception and first touchdown.  An underrated player that doesn't get any credit for the stuff he does, but he got rewarded today with the defensive touchdown.  It was awesome to see him and his grizzly beard run down the sideline with his defensive teammates for the touchdown.  Pretty much summarized the season so far. The defense does anything it wants.

All business

Game, bitches.

My thoughts:

- Even when he is not on the field Troy is a beast. If you didn't see it, check out what he did on the sideline:

- It was nice to see the offense finally wake up. I know that a lot of people are really going to be all over Chuck's push to start for the rest of the foreseeable future. I am as big of a Steelers fan as anyone out there, but I also think I am pretty understanding of what needs to happen. I like Chuck and he did do a great job today, but this is Ben's team. Chuck under threw Mike Wallace on both touchdown passes, pretty bad, and both balls coulda been picked had the Bucs had someone that knew how to play DB. I don't care, love the win, but don't get it twisted, Ben gives this team the best chance to win.

- The offensive line was great today. Not good, great. Rashard had gaping holes to run through and Chuck was not touched all day. No sacks given up and plenty of running room. I am not sure what else you would watch from the offense today. This also must be taken with a grain of salt because no matter what their record was and how much hype they got coming in this Tampa Bay team is bad. They are not a good football team and their defense couldn't do anything. Still nice to see that the line is capable of this, and I have been very happy with the line so far this year. Keep it up because the Baltimore defense will be a lot better than what Tampa Bay brought today.

- Rashard Mendenhall has been solid all year. Some people are going to downplay his season because he only had 60 yards before his overtime run and around that last week, but he is running hard and holding onto the football. Rashard has had a problem with fumbles but so far this year it has been solid. He has some patients and ripped off some big runs today moving the chains, even against eight man fronts. He is good after contact and even was the goal line back today.  After thinking this kid might be a bust he has really proven that he can carry the load and if he keeps improving this year like he has been they he is going to be a top back in the league, even if he isn't in the top five of rushing yards.

- Last year the whipping boy of the Steelers defense was Will Gay, and rightfully so.  He was bad and didn't seem to be able to do anything right. This year is totally different. With Bryant McFadden back Will is able to be this teams nickle back and he has excelled in the secondary and has been a real force for the team. Now he is able to match up on slot receivers and his coverages have been great this year and he has been good with his tackling and making this secondary very strong. He even had a sack today coming off the corner. Love it.

- Sure there is Troy and Silverback and Wood but if you ask me the MVP so far this season is Lawrence Timmons. He has gotten better every year and this year he has been in top form. Today he led the team in tackles had a sack and forced a fumble. Opposing teams run games are stopped because of him. He can do it all while being fast and athletic enough to cover tight ends and backs in pass coverage. MVP in my eyes.

- I don't talk about this guy enough because I think as a Steelers fan you should know, but Aaron Smith has been beastly. I just talked about how Lawrence Timmons is the guy who shuts running games down, but it is just as much Smith too. Aaron Smith might be the most underrated defensive player in the NFL. He gets no respect, but if you as any offensive minded NFL coach I would put money on them having all good things to say about Smith and you would probably find out he is impossible to game plan for.

3-0 is a very nice thing. Baltimore next week. We need to do what the players do. Enjoy this win today, but as soon as you wake up tomorrow morning (assuming you sleep) you should be focused on the Baltimore Ravens. Doesn't get much bigger than this.

Big win. Enjoy it.

Maybe more to come later.

As always leave it in the comments for things I might have missed or things you want to talk about. Let me know your thoughts.

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