Saturday, September 4, 2010

Steelers Cut 11, Get to 53

Well you knew it was going to happen soon, and it did. The Steelers made their final 11 cuts today to get their roster to 53 men.

There were not too many surprises on the list although there were some names that you thought might make the roster. The full 11 players that were cut were LB Patrick Bailey, CB Joe Burnett, S Da’Mon Cromartie-Smith, WR Tyler Grisham, DE Sunny Harris, C Justin Hartwig, WR Stefan Logan, DT Steve McLendon, FB Frank Summers, OG Kraig Urbik and DT Doug Worthington.

As I have been saying for a few weeks now it is not a shock that Stef Logan got canned. Sure he set himself up with some records last year in the return game but he is a very one dimensional player. When your one dimension is kick returns then you have to go over and above to stick on a roster, especially with Mike Tomlin. HCMT is a guy that loves to have players on the team that are versatile and that is something Logan is not. I do think he will catch on somewhere else and possibly become a good returner in the NFL, but there just isn't that kinda room on the Steelers 53.

Frank Summers was someone that was a pretty versatile player that was playing fullback, but as we know the Steelers have basically shunned off the fullback in the offence.

I found that Pat Bailey getting cut was a little bit of a surprise. Not that he was going to be an enormous difference maker, but he was a pretty good special teams guy that could fill in and play a serviceable linebacker. Not really feeling one side or the other on this move, but it was one of the ones I looked and and actually had a reaction too. He had a pretty decent preseason so I fully expect him to catch on with a team.

Hartwig was a given after the Steelers gave him permission to seek a trade two days ago and not finding a deal he was a cutable player. When he signed with the Steelers a few years ago I liked the move and to be honest I don't think he was as bad as everyone made him out to be. He fell victim to Markice Pouncey being really good right away. He was just small for the position and it finally caught up with him.

The cuts also mean that a lot of the rookies who were on the bubble did make the team. Brown and Sanders (the rookie wideouts) both made the team which was not a surprise at all. They will both probably return kicks after being successful at it during the preseason, which is why Stef Logan is no longer on the team. Jon Dwyer is also on the team, almost certainly because of the last two weeks. My feeling is that Dwyer was going to be cut and then put on the practice squad, but after having a really strong last two preseason games the Steelers realized that there might be a chance that he wouldn't make it to the practice squad and another team would pick him up. Pretty much forcing the Steelers to keep him. Lets be serious he has a lot of upside and might be a really good fit for the team, and he forced the teams hand. That is what you have to do in the preseason to make the team.

Well those are my few thoughts on the final cuts. What do yinz think? Let me know in the comments.

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