Thursday, September 2, 2010

Steelers Win, and Lose: Steelers 19, Panthers 3

You know what happens when you have a really shitty internet connection and the Steelers don't play on national TV? Well, two things happen. 1) Cory doesn't get to watch much of the Steelers and 2) It leads to a very shitty wrap up that he has to piece together based on the first ten minutes of the game where he got to see a very choppy feed and the last 10 minutes of the game when the feed got worked out a little bit.

Here goes my two cents (If it is worth anything, and to be honest even when I do watch the game is it work much?)

1) I talked about how the offensive line needed to come out and have a good game in the 10-15 snaps they were going to get. You know what they did? Not what I talked about them needing to do. Ben has to scramble for his life on first down and on third down he was brought down for a sack. Not really what I was looking for big guys. I guess I could give a speech about how this has to get better if we want to be good this season and la la la, well I am not going to do that. Not worth it.

2) Byron Leftwhich was probably the guy that was going to start the season under center for the first number of games that Ben is going to miss for not getting arrested. Bad news is that BL went down with a knee injury. Word that I am seeing is that there is some MCL stuff going on. Actually as I was typing this I found out that he tore his MCL. Doesn't look good for him playing in week one. I mean not like Byron could get any less moble but you get where I am going. Better get ready DD. Chuck Batch is only one play away also.

3) The guys that needed to play big did play big tonight. I know this was the fourth preseason game and these are mostly guys who will be baggin groceries sometime in the near future, but NFL football is pretty legit. Jon Dwyer made a pretty big case to get onto this 53 man roster. He went for 86 yards on 20 carries and had a number of good runs called back due to penalties. It is going to be hard if the Steelers want to get him on the practice squad seeing as how he is playing decent so does he make the team? I dunno. Emmanuel Sanders made three grabs for 66 yards and a touchdown while also returning three punts for 33 yards. Not too shabby. Obviously I didn't see the game and can only go off numbers but you can't fault that. Sanders also caught a TD pass, funny enough it was from DD who went 1/1 with his only completion a TD. Not bad.

That is really all I got. Since I didn't watch the game it is hard for me to really talk about what I saw when I didn't see anything. One thing I know for sure is that you all better get your mind right for next Sunday. It counts then and the road to seven starts there.

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