Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bye Week Sunday

Bye week sucks. The Steelers don't play and we have to watch other teams play that aren't the Steelers, and it just isn't that fun. To top it off there were some God awful games on today. Chiefs/Colts was terrible, Redskins/Packers was mud and Titans Cowboys? Really? That is what was on my TV and with my internet down (I actually had to come into work on a Sunday to do some things so I thought I would put something up this weekend) I had really no choice. The first two games mentioned above were basically games where both teams said "no, you take the win" "no, YOU take the win". Terrible.

To kind of touch on more of the Packers game since I live about 90 minutes outside of Green Bay, a friend of mine, Julia, is a Packers fan. She talked about how she loved Aaron Rodgers. What happened next? Pick in overtime. Leave your condolences in the comment section for her. She is going to need it. And a few shots. She will be a part of Steelers Nation soon enough.

Being in Wisconsin now I am taking the lead on organizing a mass suicide watch for the Packers fans. Don't try to drive over a bridge within 200 miles of Green Bay, there will be too many people on them for you to get through. I guess that is what average and undisciplined defense, no run game, and shoddy special teams get a team with such high expectations.

There were some conference games of interest. Here is how they ended up:

The Ravens made easy pickins of the Broncos.

Nothing really shocking about this game. I have been a pretty big advocate of the Broncos not being a very good team for some time now. They play in a below average at best division and barely get by on that. Sure, Kyle Orton has thrown for a ton of yards but that will not last all season. Joe Flacco was being hailed as "back" today. Congrats Joe you joke. Ray Rice felt good enough to play against a much softer defense this week. I guess the Broncos don't scare him like the Steelers do. Whatev. Baltimore is 4-1.

Here is the real winner for the week. Tampa Bay and Cincinnati:

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. So much for being Super Bowl favoriates. At this rate you might not even get to six wins. The Bungles are back baby. You want to know the best part about all of this. Carson Palmer, with under a minute left in a tie game throws a pick to seal his team's fate. Remember when everyone thought Carson Palmer was better than Ben Roethlisber and he was "elite", hahahahahaha. For Christ's sake, the Steelers fourth, I repeat, FOURTH string quarterback lit up Tampa Bay like it was Clark Grizwold's house and Carson Palmer can't beat them. You have got to be shitting me, this is too much. I can't wait to hear the excuses. Ochocinco caught three balls for 20 yards. Awesome. You know what I can't wait for? Watching the TOcho show on VS Tuesday nights. If they take callers and e-mails to answer I suggest everyone in Steelers Nation gets on that line and asks them a couple of questions. The Bungles are now 2-3.

The last game of the day was the Browns and Falcons

The Browns might be getting better, but they still lost, and they still suck. Nothing more to say here.

What did yinz think of today? Leave it in the comments.

Buckle up Cleveland.

Here We Go.

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