Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Emmanuel Sanders Named AFC Special Teams Player of the Week.

Seems like the Steelers have a player named player of the week pretty much every week doesn't it. I guess this is what you get when you pay the officials off and the fix is in for the games. Manny Sanders has been named the AFC Special Teams Player of the Week after a pretty steller game against the Dolphins.

Actually some might actually be surpised that Sanders won the award seeing that he fumbled away the first kickoff of the game. Despite that fumble on the kick off he was really good. Sanders returned a kick back to the Dolphins 48 yard line to set up the winning drive after the Dolphins took a two point lead just moments before.

All told on the day Sanders returned five kicks for 144 yards. For you people at home that aren't good at third grade math that chalks up to a 28.8 yard average. That does include the fumble so it was really a good day for Sanders. On the kick return that I mentioned above he just missed taking it back to the house for a touchdown. How sweet would that have been?

On the year Sanders has returned eight kicks for a 25.8 yard avearge. I know this is a player award but props need to be given to the special teams unit. Last year the Steelers had a hell of a time returning kicks but this year is much different and it is all thanks to the whole unit. Overall on the season the Steelers rank fifth in the NFL with a 28.1 average return on kickoffs.

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