Monday, October 18, 2010

James Harrison Is A Bad Mo Fo

So after a long weekend of work I finally got home in the late night last night. I have already read most of what was on ESPN and I always like to go to a few places to get a round about assessment of what people think about the Steelers. One of the places I went last night Yahoo Sports. This is what I found on one of their NFL wrap up pieces:

If that isn't some good stuff there I don't even know what is. James Harrison is so bad ass that during the bye week some people that control the player pages on Yahoo Sports actually went out of his/her way to find out that James Harrison went buffalo hunting.

You  might think this is not important, but you would be dead wrong. Harrison transferred going buffalo hunting to the football field yesterday. Harrison knocked both Josh Cribbs and Mohamed Massaquoi in one quarter of play. Cribbs and Massaquoi are not buffalo, but I am pretty sure they feel like they had been hit like one.

I wouldn't be surprised if Harrison killed a buffalo with is bare hands after blitzing them from the front side.

What a human.

Recap later tonight.

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