Monday, November 22, 2010

General Thoughts: Steelers 35, Raiders 3

This must be started by saying that the Steelers came in and did what they were supposed to do, beat the Oakland Raiders. There seems to be a big sediment in Pittsburgh that the Steelers needed to win this game convincingly because of what happened to them at Heinz Field last week to the hands of the New England Patriots. They did that, and more.

I was actually at a work function that took place all day Sunday so I was not able to watch the game. I was able to follow it, but only thought twitter and the ESPN app on my blackberry, so needless to say I can't really comment on much. I did see the brief highlights that ESPN put up on the game so I have little context on the grand scheme of the game. This will serve as probably the shortest recap of the season. If you don't like it, too bad.

The Steelers actually tailed in the game and came out of the blocks really slow. The Raiders capitalized and took a 3-0 lead. The Steelers then made it a point to let the Raiders gain as little yardage possible, and it worked. The defense clamped down and chased starter Jason Campbell and James Harrison proves why he is a big deal in the NFL.

I was really happy to see the offense click. 21 second quarter points. The best part of that? The defense didn't give an inch and gave the offense a chance to add on points and blow this average Raiders team out,  something the Steelers typically don't do.

From looking at the stats and following the game Ben Roethilisberger was just on acid. 18/29, 279 yards, 3 touchdowns and no picks. He also rushed for a career high 55 yards and a touchdown. That is what big time players do. He also took a shot in the face from Richard Seymour. After throwing a touchdown pass to Manny Sanders he was celebrating and Mr. Seymour didn't like it and cold cocked Ben in the face. You know what Richard, instead of getting pissed at Ben why don't you get pissed at your secondary that was taken to the wood shed all day, or here is a thought, make a play. Joke.

Mikey Wallace and Manny Sanders made a contribution and each chipped in a TD catch. Manny dressed and saw some significant time out of the wide receiver position and made the most of it. Dude is fast. You know who else is fast? Mike Wallce. Holy. Shit. I watched the highlights and they showed Wallace running through the "secondary" and he is just at another level. Jesus.

The Raiders had 182 yards of total offense. They turned the ball over three times including two picks. They were sacked six times. Domination.

I am not really going to comment on the penalties yet, because I haven't had a chance to look at the game. I am going to try and catch a replay tonight and hopefully have a more in depth follow up post on the game.

Overall this was a win the Steelers had to have. Off a tough loss they said enough was enough and it was game over from there. Huge game against the Bills next week that could set up an epic showdown with the Ravens for division supremacy.

Get your minds right.

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