Saturday, November 27, 2010

Steelers Game Day 11 - @ Buffalo Bills

Well after a blowout win over the Raiders it looks like Steelers Nation can breathe a little easier knowing that a five game losing streak wasn't guarenteed. I mean I could have told people that but where would we be without panic and wide spread ludacris statements.

Huge game before we play the Ravens next week for the upper hand on the division. Don't look past the Bills team though.

Lets get at this.

Pittsburgh 35, Oakland 3
Passing: Roethlisberger: 18/29, 275 yards, 3 TD, 0 INT
Rushing: Mendenhall: 23 car, 59 yards, 0 TD
Receiving: Wallace: 3 rec, 116 yards, 1 TD

Buffalo 49, Cincinatti 31
Passing: Fitzpatrick: 21/34, 316 yards, 4 TD, 2 INT
Rushing: Jackson: 21 car, 116 yards, 2 TD
Receiving: Johnson: 8 rec, 137 yards, 3 TD

Offense (rank in NFL)

Total Offense
Pittsburgh: 325.3 yards/game (22nd)
Buffalo: 317.4 yards/game (24th)

Pittsburgh: 207.3 yards/game (21st)
Buffalo: 203.7 yards/game (23rd)

Pittsburgh: 118.0 yards/game (11th)
Buffalo: 113.7 yards/game (14th)

Pittsburgh: 23.5 points/game (t13th)
Buffalo: 21.3 points/game (21st)


Total Defense
Pittsburgh: 302.1 yards/game (4th)
Buffalo: 372.4 yards/game (25th)

Pittsburgh: 63.0 yards/game (1st)
Buffalo: 163.5 yards/game (32nd)

Pittsburgh: 239.1 yards/game (22nd)
Buffalo: 208.9 yards/game (9th)

Pittsburgh: 16.5 points/game (3rd)
Buffalo: 27.6 points/game (29th)

I mean when you sit down to think about it, what is there really to say about the Bills? There is no way this is a rivalry game. They Steelers are having a good year, the Bills are having a bad year. The Bill have players most who are casual followers have never heard of, the Steelers have big time players. I mean it has been pretty much been fun doing the past few previews because as a Steelers fan how can you really make fun of the Bills? I mean for real?

Whatev. Jump it.

You know you can make fun of the Bills for being a bad football team, but you would be kidding yourself if you think they are one of the worst teams in the league or if you think 2-8 is really indicative of how they have played this season. Just take a look at their schedule so far:

The Bills took the Pats to the limit, something the Steelers failed to do, should have beat the Ravens in regulation and in overtime, and they lost by three points to Kansas City and Chicago who are, by most people’s accounts, playoff teams. Losing by single digit points to some really good teams this year says a lot more about the Bills than losing like the Bengals do.

Speaking of the Bungles take a look at what the Bills did to those jokes last week:

That is what taking to the woodshed means. Between the Steelers beat down of the Raiders and the Bill second half thumping of the Bungles I don’t know what said more.

Looking at the Bills roster you wonder where all this scoring is coming from.

Their quarterback is Ryan Fitzpatrick.

This is an actual picture that came up when I went to Google Images and typed in Ryan Fitzpatrick. No idea.

Fitz is a former Bengal, so you can see how the Bills are 2-8. His numbers aren’t terrible. Completing 60% of his passes and having a pretty impressive 2:1 touchdown to interception ratio. He isn’t going to blow you away slinging the football around but he does have some young talent around him that can make you pay if you are not careful.

With Marshawn Lynch now gone from the team they turned to a youngster, Fred Jackson to take a bulk of the carries this season. Jackson has pretty average numbers as he is only averaging about 55+ yards per game, which is not going to get you much mention. For a guy that is more speed he only has five gains of 20+ yards and also has chipped in five touchdowns. The Bills average about 113 rushing yards a game on the ground. Not great, but not terrible either.

I guess it also doesn’t help when your coach basically comes out and says that you aren’t going to run the football. When asked if they were going to be able to run the football on the Steelers Chan Gailey (a former Steelers coach himself) said “Well nobody has been able to”. Sounds like you are really going to give it your all there on the run game. Hope Ryan Fitzpatrick has his insurance card ready.

You know things also aren’t going well on the running game when your quarterback is the second leading rusher on the team and his name is not Mike Vick. I mean lets be realistic, any time you have a quarterback name Ryan Fitzpatrick is second on the team in rushing you have some serious problems.

The offensive line for Buffalo has given up 21 sacks this season. That number makes them one of the worst in the league. I think Sean Kugler is a coach there. I could be wrong, but if I am not wrong then I am not worried about James Harrison and/or LaMarr Woodley getting blocked.

Wide Receiver might be the strongest point of this Buffalo Bills team.

The highlight of the core is youngster Steve Johnson who lit up the Bengals secondary last week for three touchdowns. I was ok with that because 1) they were playing the Bengals and 2) he was on my fantasy football team.

No idea why he had “Why so Serious” written on his shirt, but I thought it was pretty funny and witty. Ryan Fitzpatrick has no idea what is going on in that picture.

The Bills also have Lee Evans who every year is the most hyped fantasy football player in the league. He then proceeds to shit the bed and you get to make fun of the person that took him in the third round.

Rookie CJ Spiller has shown flashes in the special teams game as he is fast. He is not Mike Wallace fast, but who is?

With the Steelers so banged up on the offensive line it will be nice to face a Bills team that really don’t get to the quarterback a lot. The Bill only have 15 total team sacks which is only better than three other teams in the NFL. Not only can the Bill not get to the quarterback, but they can’t stop the run either. Those two things pretty much mean your front seven is garbage.

I mean for real look at their defensive line and linebackers:

If you heard of more than one of these guys then you are living a lie.

Shaun Merriman doesn’t count either. The Bills IR’d him. What a joke. Maybe he can still do his stupid ass sack dance on the sideline.

The Bills also have Paul Puz, a Penn State grad. Dude is legit.


The Bills secondary is meh. Terrence McGee is a starting corner and had a busted up knee that he is trying to get healthy. To be honest with the little push the front seven gets on the quarterback I don’t care who is in the secondary. If you are gonna give Ben some time he is going to make you hurt. Give him time to pump once and find Mike Wallace and you are in for a long, long day.

I am frankly not in the mood to go over this team anymore. I really don’t dislike them so it makes it a little harder to wrap my full attention around this. That and just thinking about this team puts me to sleep.

The Steelers really just need to keep to their game. Get Rashard the ball early and often and then let the play action come off of that. If the Steelers don’t turn the ball over and keep Ben clean I really don’t think there is going to be too much problems for them.

The Steelers are also looking good match up wise against the Bills offense. Just stick to the game plan and take care of business.

Prediction: Steelers 31, Bills 13

Hit it.

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