Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Steelers Wish You A Great Holiday Season

I must admit I picked the YouTube up from Cotter over at OFTOT but something that you have probably seen 100 times over already from countless blogs but for those rare people that read this stuff and not much else but just incase you guys didn't see this stuff I thought I would put it up on here.

A few thoughts before you bask in the glow of this perfection:

- Ike Taylor might be the best in this entire scene. I don't think he moves his lips one time. Hilarious.

- Lawrence Timmons looks like he is just lost in the back row on some of these. He is just having a good time and it is hilarious.

-The offensive line really gets into this stuff. They don't get a lot of face time so they are taking full advantage of the time they do get.

-The TE's just look lost and scared to be doing this.

-Nice to see Ben right in the middle when he is on there and actually looked to be getting into it. For me, and what I have see, has come a long way from how he used to be with teammates. I know I don't get to see a whole lot of that, but hopefully I am right. Unreal hat he was wearing too.


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