Tuesday, February 1, 2011

TRBB Podcast 3 - Super Bowl Preview with @PackersTherapy

With the Super Bowl only days away I jumped on the horn with Dave and Chris from Packers Therapy. Both run a podcast blog about the Packers and they were nice enough to come join me to discuss all things Packers. You can also check out when Dave and Chris were kind enough to have Ian from The Steelers N'at and I on their podcast to talk about the Steelers.

Over the course of the podcast we discussed the keys to the game and how they both thought the Packers matched up against the Steelers, how they felt on Troy Polamalu getting the AP Defensive Player of the Year award and how Green Bay fans will represent the city in Dallas.

I would like to thank those two for coming on and giving their opinions and knowledge from the other side of the fence.

You can listen to the podcast below and you can hear all the podcast's on iTunes. Just go to the podcast section and type in "Three Rivers Burgh Blog" and you will get hooked up.

Enjoy and leave your thoughts in the comments.

TRBB Podcast 3 - Super Bowl with Packers Therapy

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