Thursday, March 31, 2011

TRBB Podcast 9 - Life of Leisure with @RoccoDeMaro

Last baseball season I sent a shout out to then Extra Innings host Rocco DeMaro for an interview. Rocco, being the great guy that he is said that he was good for it. Turns out that baseball city is kind of busy for the people that cover the team  (who would have thought) and the interview never came to be. Rocco has just started up a podcast of his own so he was kind enough to come on mine and plug his plus talk about a bunch of things.
Over the course of the podcast we discussed pretty much everything about Rocco's current new gig as producing a podcast called Rocco's Life of Leisure and what he is doing in his life now. We also threw around some Pirates talk and even jumped into the deep end and talked about Steve Carell leaving The Office and how that show will fair with Will Ferrell. Rocco also gives us incite on what his dream job would be.

You need to check out his new podcast that you can find by clicking here.

I would like to thank Rocco for taking the time to come on and talk with me. Make sure you check him out on twitter.

You can listen to the podcast below and you can hear all the podcast's on iTunes. Just go to the podcast section and type in "Three Rivers Burgh Blog" and you will get hooked up.

Enjoy and leave your thoughts in the comments.

TRBB Podcast 9 - Life of Leisure

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