Friday, April 29, 2011

2011 Steelers Draft. First Round. Cameron Heyward.

This is coming a little late but with my early flight schedule I didn't have a lot of time to throw something up about the Steelers draft. As you already know the Steelers selected Ohio State defensive end Cameron Heyward with their first round pick, number 31 overall. First, just let me say this is a great pick. Before I get into why here was my overall thoughts on the first round:

I was drive during the opening of the draft so I got to listen to the draft on ESPN Radio which was actually pretty nice. I mean it would have been cool to see it but it was actually pretty good coverage on the radio with me getting to hear the picks one-by-one as they were getting announced.

The draft couldn't have started better for the Steelers, there was a HUGE run on QB's and skill players, something that the Steelers were not really going to go for. A lot of people wanted Mike Pouncey to be in play for the Steelers and a report form NFL Network the day before made it seem like it was a pretty good possibility. To be honest I really didn't think he was oging to fall far enough for the Steelers but it was still nice to think the Steelers were willing to do that.

The key was him getting by the Dolphins at pick 15. He did not. When I heard the pick of the radio I wasn't really shocked. He should be a good fit there if the Dolphins use him in the right situation. In a weird way it kind of felt like he was already a Steeler because of his brother, but that is just how it goes. Best of luck to Mike Pouncey in Miami.

After Pouncey was off the board I wanted Nebraska corner Prince Amukamara. Bad. Early in the day I had commented that it looked as if he was falling on the boards, and he did. A few weeks ago this was a top-10 pick kinda player. As he fell down the board I was stoked that the Steelers might trade up for him. I felt if he got to 20 we could work a deal with Tampa Bay to get him. He went at 19 to the New York Giants. I heard the pick and I let out a string of words that would not be safe for any work enviorment. Whatever.

Now, lets get to the Steelers real pick. On a podcast I had with Ian from The Steelers N'at we both thought there were going to be some options there for the Steelers to draft. One we really liked was Cameron Hayward. There were a few offensive lineman and corners still on the board, but Heyward is a very talented kid and I am thrilled.

A lot of people, when the pick happens, said that this wasn't a pick that the Steelers needed. Sure, it doesn't seem like it NOW, but eight years down the road when teams still can't run against the Steelers with Ziggy Hood and Cameron Heyward you will look back at this draft and think "Holy Hell, what a pick." If you think he is going to be a bust then please go look at first round draft picks by Kevin Colbert since he has been with the Steelers then come talk to me. Dude just doesn't miss. Also Hood is the only guy under 30 on the d-line, needed to get younger there and this is a perfect spot. They would have had to reach for a corner so this was great.

A little more about Hayward:

-He is 6'4 and 290 pounds, a big boy man

-He is the son of former Pitt standout Craig "Iron Head" Heyward

-In his four years at Ohio State he had 162 tackles, 15 sacks and one INT

-Video of Cam:

-He is on Twitter: @CamHeyward

Really happy to have Heyward on the team and look forward to seeing him in camp and seeing if he can get on the field this year.

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