Thursday, April 14, 2011

Down And Out. Brewers 4, Pirates 1

Well, to be honest I wasn't even going to touch a recap for this game. As a Pirates fan there is a lot we have all been through these past 18 years, and tonight was just another notch on that belt. It was very ugly and there really wasn't a lot to watch in this game. Maybe that is why less than 10k showed up at PNC Park, again.

Paul Maholm gave up two runs in the first inning and looked pretty bad doing it. I honestly thought it was going to be a double figure defeat to a team that I hate more than any other in baseball. To my surprise Maholm calmed down and gave a nice outing. He went seven complete and scattered four hits and struck out six. Too bad the Pirates only gave him four hits to work with and no runs.

The Brewers tacked on two more runs in the ninth inning and despite loading the bases in the bottom of the ninth it wasn't enough. The Pirates did score there first run since Sunday (for real) on a wild pitch. Too bad the Pirates were painted into a corner with only one bat on the bench left and the pitcher spot up after Josh Rodriguez was batting with two outs after JRod was filling in for Ronny.

Can't hit Jones for Rodriguez because then you have no shortstop and you have the pitcher coming up. Josh was obviously overpowered at the plate, but there is nothing you can do with it. He hasn't looked good all season, but this was a mismanagement of the bench from earlier in the game when Hurdle burned a lot of players in bad spots.

The Pirates looked lethargic and struck out 14(!) times on the night. They could not solve the puss chucker Randy Wolf and really looked disinterested all night.

I understand this team is going to be pretty streaky and they are going to have bad (and really bad) nights and in turn they will have some really good nights. This was a really bad night. Knowing they will eventually play better (can't play much worse offensively) but that doesn't make this game any easier or less frustrating.

Next up are the Reds. Hopefully Chuck Morton can get the Pirates back on track.

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