Monday, April 25, 2011

Layin Eggs. Lightning 4, Penguins 2

Not too much to say about this game so I will keep it short and sweet. The Penguins will now be forced into a game seven at CONSOL on Wednesday. Whatever. Here are some short things that I took from the game tonight:

-The Penguins power play is just dreadful. The Lightning gave the Penguins every chance to get back into the game and the Penguins gave it right back. To call the Penguins power play an embarrassment would be giving it some credit. Interesting to see if Disco throws out some different combinations out there. No idea.

-The Penguins just didn't look into it for some stretches of the game and it cost them. Tampa Bay looked motivated and desperate to win this hockey game and they played like it. Sure there is a game seven on Wednesday so this game wasn't an end all-be all, but anything can happen in game seven's so this isn't a good spot to be in.

-There need to be some lineup changes on Wednesday. I would assume that Eric Tangradi being in the lineup is a given. I would also like to see Mike Comrie in there to see what he can stir up. Who do you sit? Kovy and Conner. Kovy looked like he was out there tonight just to pick up a paycheck and Conner might have had the most frustrating game you can have as an athlete. Tangradi played a nice game in game four and Comrie was playing well before the injury and on the ice he would be one of the top offensive threats. Derek Engellend might get a chance to play as Matt Niskanen hasn't been great but we will see. Expect some changes.

-Call me crazy but I think that the CONSOL will be a nice home ice advantage on Wednesday. I know that place hasn't been great for the Penguins so far this playoff run, but this is game seven and the atmosphere there has been great all playoffs. The Penguins have to be desperate for this and I think (hope) they will be and the home ice will definatly help. Having last change will be huge.

-For the first time in a "bounce back" game MAF was not sharp. Granted, his defense did him no favors but he needs to be better than that. The goal by Downie was soft and the Malone breakaway was probably something he had a better chance at. The defense left him out to dry but he needed to be bigger than that. That being said I think he will be just find on Wednesday.

-On a positive note Craig Adams is a monster on the penalty kill. He blocks shots like his life is on the line and it is refreshing to see that. These are the types of things the guys need to do and they did a pretty nice job on the PK tonight, with Adams being the best of the best in that aspect.

-Jordan Staal had a very nice game. Scored a huge goal and was very physical and made the Lightning know he was here. If he plays like that on Wednesday I feel good about the Pens chances.

-Kris Letang was bad again tonight. Seems to be like he is really great or really terrible in this series. Tonight was a pretty bad game. He seems like he has no confidence and he is questioning every play he is making and getting frustrated early. Hopefully he can clear his head for game seven.

This sucks.

That is all I have. Leave it in the comments.

This is what playoff hockey is all about. Bring it.

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