Tuesday, April 26, 2011

TRBB Podcast 11 - Steelers Draft Preview with @thesteelersnat

It is about that time of the year. With everything that has gone on with the NFL, the lockout and the struggle with thinking their might not be a season next year we have something that is set in stone that football fans can look forward to: the NFL Draft. Joining me on my latest installment is Ian of The Steelers N'at

Ian does a great job over at his blog with draft preparations and draft previews for the entire league. If you need to know something about the draft or who the Steelers might draft then you take a look at his block and you will have everything you need to know.

Over the course of the podcast we discussed pretty much everything about the draft in Steelers style. Discussion points include possible first round picks, will the Steelers move up, first round sleepers, later round picks and everything in between.

I would like to thank Ian for taking the time to come on and talk with me. Make sure you check him out on twitter and on his blog.

You can listen to the podcast below and you can hear all the podcast's on iTunes. Just go to the podcast section and type in "Three Rivers Burgh Blog" and you will get hooked up.

Enjoy and leave your thoughts in the comments.

TRBB Podcast 11 - Steelers Draft Preview   

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