Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Around the Web: Pirates Draft Cole; Second Round Info

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day if you were a Pirates fan. Although you didn't get the hitter that you might have wanted in Anthony Rendon you got the pitching prospect that will immediately be the number one prospect in the system if and when he signs in a couple of months.

If you missed my follow up to the draft you can find it here.

I figured there is a ton of stuff out there on Cole and a lot of people out there really don't know much about the kid outside of what they can find on a quick scan of the internet. Well, I thought it would be nice if this could be a one stop shop for all your Cole follow up. Below I linked up a bunch of blog and media members information and thoughts about Cole.

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Kristy Robinson has the chat transcripts from the interviews yesterday. [Neal Huntington] [Gerrit Cole]

That was some of the stuff I saw in a quick scan. If you see anything else please leave it in the comments for everyone else to check out. As always check out places like Northside Notch and McEffect for draft coverage.

The second day of the Rule 4 Draft will start at noon today and the Pirates will once again kick things off.

Much like last season the Pirates had a few players fall to them in the top of the second round. The number 15 and 16 players (as ranked by Baseball America) were not picked which are high school outfielder Josh Bell and high school left hander Daniel Norris. Matt Purke is also on the board and he might have been a top-five pick if not for a shoulder injury this season.

Tim did a great job at breaking this down over at Pirates Prospects so I won't need to go into a great deal of depth in this but I have to agree with him, any many other of my blogger brethren, when I say that the Pirates should, and probably will, go big in the over slot market since that might not be an option next year.

The Pirates have made a living in the Neal Huntington era of getting guys that were thought to be unsignable in the later rounds and signing them. This is a huge advantage to small market teams but because of the new CBA that will be coming up soon they might force to teams to a hard slotting system. That basically means that they set the price for the pick and you can't go over it.

For the Pirates to grab someone like Bell or Norris they are going to have to spend a good bit over slot, and even give them top first round money. Matt Purke isn't even going to be an easy sign as he is a draft eligible sophomore so he could easily go back to play at TCU for his junior season to improve his stock.

I expect the Pirates to go big with this pick and if you ask me I would like to see them take Bell. He is a big high school bat that could compliment the outfield they currently have in the future. He has a strong commitment to Texas and it is thought it will take huge money to get him to sign. Norris is in the same boat as he is in a strong commitment to Clemson and it will takes a little more than it took to get Stetson Allie ($3 mil) to get him to play in the majors.

Should be fun. Bucs are back on the field tonight so make sure you check out the live blog.

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