Saturday, June 4, 2011

Game 57 Recap - Pirates 6, Phillies 3

I did not get to watch a vast amount of this game but from what I did watch you have to be happy for this team. For the second straight day the Pirates went up against the second best team in baseball and did it in front of the biggest crowd in PNC Park history.

Sure there were a good bit of Phillies fans in attendance and it was a fireworks night but from what I saw this city it ready for a good baseball team. They didn't let the vast amounts of Philly fans get louder than them and they got loud when the Pirates won in extra innings and tonight. I don't really think this is "the year" to break the streak but I do think that this is what the team needs to do to get the fans behind them and start filling the stands on a more consist ant basis.

Like I said I was only able to watch from the seventh inning on so I can't really touch on what happened early but from what I can gather Charlie Morton was once again great on the mound. He went seven innings and scattered six hits and gave up two runs. He lowered his ERA to 2.51 and got 12 ground ball outs as opposed to only four fly ball outs. I think it is great for Chuck to kind of quiet down some of the haters. People were saying he couldn't throw to lefties and he threw a great game against a lefty laden lineup against Atlanta. They said he can't beat good teams and he has a great outing against the Phillies. I am seeing some people start to believe in Chuck, and it is about damn time. The guy is pitching some great baseball right now.

Andrew McCutchen is getting hot and that is really bad for pitchers that are going to face the Pirates. He had three hits and two RBI tonight (which includes two doubles) and raised his average to .272. After a terrible start to the season he seems to have figured it out and we should start to see more of this from him .

The Pirates finally cut down on the strikeout total tonight and only fanned three times. For a team that can strike out 10+ times on a consistent basis this is refreshing. If they can string some of these types of games together that would be nice. Amazing what happens when you put the ball in play.

I must say again that it is great to see the Pirates beat a good team. They can move to .500 with a win tomorrow and that would mean a sweep of the NL East leading Phillies. While I don't think they will hit .500 this year it is nice to see how this team plays against the top competition.

Kristy hooked it up with an interview with ChuckMo after the game.

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