Thursday, June 9, 2011

Game 61 Recap: Diamondbacks 2, Pirates 0

It was another game of the offense going silent to waste a really good pitching performance from Jeff Karstens as the Pirates drop another chance to sweep a three game series. The offense pieced together only five hits and no Pirate had more than one (shocker).

I am not going to sit here and say I am disapointed that the Pirates 'only' took 2-of-3 from both the Phillies and Diamondbacks. I mean to be honest if the Pirates took 2-of-3 from every team they would win 108 games and be in pretty good shape for the playoffs. It just sucks when you get your number five guy throws seven shut out innings and having the the opposing pitcher get knocked out one out into the sixth inning. Whatever.

The Diamondbacks got the lead in the eighth inning. Chris Resop came to relieve Karstes in the seventh inning and came back out for the eighth. After recording an out he gave up an infield single to Micah Owings and then a bomb to Chris Young that went right down the left field line for the only scoring play of the game.

The Pirates didn't even have any real threats in the game of note. Just one of those types of games. The offense has been really off and on lately so tonight was one of those "off" nights.

Karstens went seven innings and scattered four hits and struck out two. The weird part about him getting yanked was that he only threw 79 pitches. Usually around that mark is when he kind of goes off the cliff, so to speak, and he was in a spot to hit in the eighth inning with a runner on second and one out. Have to pinch hit for him there as the game was still tied and offense was at a premium. Not really a problem with taking him out at that point. With the seven shutout innings Karstens lowers his ERA to 2.94. Pretty decent.

Some more bad news today as it turns out Chris Snyder will be having back surgery. Not good. Ryan Doumit and Snyder are on the major lead DL while Jason Jaramillo is on the AAA DL. Good Lord. Dusty Brown will now be the everyday guy and Wyatt Toregas was called up to be the back up. Toregas hasn't played in the majors since 2009 with the Indians and only was 1-for-29 in AAA this year. This catching situation is going to get very interesting. Word is the Pirates are on the phones trying to figure something out since none of the DL guys are likely to return in the next month. Eric Fryer is now the AAA guy but he literally just got called up a few days ago so he is pretty much the next step if they don't sign anyone from the outside. This is getting really ugly, really fast. Hopefully they can figure something out.

Not too much else to say. Get the Mets tomorrow.

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