Sunday, June 12, 2011

Game 64 Recap - Mets 7, Pirates 0

The Pirates offense lay stagnant and wasted what was a really solid effort by Kevin Correia and dropped a second game in the four game series to the Mets 7-0 in front of over 26,000 at PNC Park on Sunday afternoon.

The game was really weird and I am not even going to get into what happened in the seventh inning. If you had a rule book you still don’t even know what happened.

Kevin Correia was actually perfect for 4.2 innings before giving up a single through the left side of the infield. That didn’t deter Correia as he was really great through the whole game before being pulled with two outs in the eighth inning after giving up a few hits and trailing 1-0. Too bad for Correia that the pen couldn’t get the job done and the runs that were scored were effectively charged to him. Correia finished giving up only seven hits and walking no one but gave up four earned runs. His final line is in no way indicative of the job he did today for the Pirates. Just some back luck at home.

The Pirates are having problems putting out a lineup that would strike fear in an average high school team. Outside of Andrew McCutchen and Jose Tabata there really isn’t too much going on in the Pirates lineup now and going a step further we note that Tabata went hitless today. Not good.

Brandon Wood, Ronny Cedeno and Dusty Brown (the Pirates six, seven and eight hitters) combined to go 1-for-10 with only a Wood second inning single and Neil Walker continued his slide with an 0-for-4 performance to drop his average to .251.

It really hasn’t been pretty at all for the offense. When the Priates are winning the offense shows up for an inning, maybe two, to score some runs but they still don’t have very much consistency. McCutchen has been on an unreal tear lately as he had two hits and raised his average to .289 while also bumping up his OPS to .875. Pretty good if you ask me. Other than that it was nothing going for the offense.

Back to the weirdness of the game. Aside from Correia dominating the game and coming up with a loss the game can really be summed up in the seventh inning. We start with the top of the seventh. Runners are on first and third and Jason Bay is up at bat with one out. Bay hits a fly ball to center field and Cutch makes the catch and throws it home where he does not get Daniel Murphy to break a scoreless tie. As we watch the play at home plate there is a cut away of Angel Pagan being ruled out. WTF?

Turns out that Pagan went to second on the play and didn’t retouch going back to first base. Now that I think about it I have no idea why he was at second base on what was a routine fly ball but that is neither here nor there. So Pagan is ruled out and the run is taken off the board because we assume it is a force play on the appeal. I turn to the Mets broadcast to get their reaction because I am sure they are pissed and when I turn it over there they say the run does count. No idea. Over the next two innings people are talking about what should happen. If it was an appeal the run shouldn’t count via rule 7.12 in the MLB Rule Book. That would mean the run comes off the board and the game is still scoreless. Evidently they did not rule this an appeal or they did not rule this a force out and the run does count. I am still trying to wrap my head around this so I am still not 100% sure what the deal is. Officially it is ruled an 8-2-3-6 SAC double play with a RBI.

The other weird play came in the bottom of the inning. Lyle Overbay hits a ball deep to center field and Pagan makes the play against the wall. Actually he didn’t make the play. In the previews that I saw the balls bounces off the wall and it gets trapped between Pagan’s glove and the wall. Overbay is still out. Clint Hurdle comes out to ask what the hell is going on and the umpires seemingly have no idea what is going on. They confirm and say that Overbay is still out. Whatever. Then Clint Hurdle is literally just standing in between the third base umpire and the home plate umpire, not being theatrical, just talking, and he gets tossed by both of them, at the same time. Maybe they realized they had a bad couple of innings but it seemed like a really quick hook for Hurdle not really doing anything too crazy out there in his argument. I am sure he could have make a “your mom” joke but I doubt it. All in all a crazy seventh inning.

Try to get back on track tomorrow when they wrap up their four game series against the Mets.

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