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Pirates Week In Review: June 20-26

This is going to be a hopefully new weekly post that I thought would be a nice addition to the site. This is going to be a Pirates weekly review where I go over the results for the past seven days and link up the box scores and the recap for each of the games. I also use the lovely FanGraphs and Baseball Reference to give you the box scores and the weekly stats for the team. I will try to have this up either late Sunday night or early Monday mornings, but you know how these things go.

Here is the Bucs weekly recap for this past week:

The Pirates had a pretty good week going 4-2 in their six home games at PNC Park. The Pirates are now 6-6 in interleague play with all the games this week coming against AL teams.

Monday, June 20 - Baltimore 8, Pittsburgh 3
[Box Score] [TRBB Recap]

Tuesday, June 21 - Pittsburgh 9, Baltimore 3
[Box Score] [TRBB Recap]

Wednesday, June 22 - Pittsburgh 5, Baltimore 4
[Box Score] [TRBB Recap]

Friday, June 24 - Pittsburgh 3, Boston 1
[Box Score] [TRBB Recap]

Saturday, June 25 - Pittsburgh 6, Boston 4
[Box Score] [TRBB Recap]

Sunday, June 26 - Boston 4, Pittsburgh 2
[Box Score] [TRBB Recap]

Here is how the Pirates batters and pitched over the week:

Andrew McCutchen proved to be the best hitter of the bunch with a 0.5 WAR according to FanGraphs, but one of everyone's favorite whipping boy, Ronny Cedeno, was very productive duing the week hitting .467.

Kevin Correia was a 0.2 WAR in his only start for the Pirates where he got a six inning win over Baltimore on Wednesday. Jose Veras, Daniel McCutchen, Joel Hanrahan, Chris Resop and Tony Watson all were great out of the pen for the week for the Pirates as their weekly stats show.

Here how the Pirats, as a team, stack up against the rest of the league during the past week:

The Pirates were pretty decent on the offensive end despite only hitting .266 over the past week, but really failed to get a ton of extra base hits as evident by their .101 ISO, which was in the bottom half of the league, for the week. Despite the slightly above average batting average the Pirates scored 28 runs, eighth best in the league, over the six games in the week and only struck out in 18.1% of their at bats which is head and shoulds better than the 25.5% of the time they struck out during April/May. To put that in more perspective the Pirates have struck out only 20.6% of their at bats over the month of June. A lot better.

The staff ERA this six game week was a very respectable 3.00 although that might be due to a little bit of luck for the Pirates. The ERA ranked eighth for the week among all major league teams. The reason I say the Pirates had a little bit of luck was due to the xFIP of 4.48 which measures what the team's ERA should have looked like over a give time period, assuming that performance on balls in play and timing were league average. The xFIP of 4.48 was the third worst in the league due to the HR/FB rate of only 7.5%.

Here is how the NL Central sits after the week for the Pirates:

3PIT3938.5064.05.0L 13.83.9-0.237-4028-1216-109-106-619-2020-183-312-726-3013-822-2417-145-511-917-13
5CHC3146.40312.037.0L 14.15.0-0.931-4605-411-2211-124-716-2215-234-29-1321-3310-1219-3012-154-68-1210-20
6HOU2851.35416.057.0L 24.05.1-1.131-48-35-1313-227-103-513-2715-231-310-1316-3912-1116-3912-113-75-1510-20
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Generated 6/27/2011.

The Pirates are only four games out of the league and have been playing some pretty good baseball. They are now nearly .500 at home and a few games better on the road. The last 30 days the Pirates are 17-13 while they are only 5-5 in the last 10. Pythagorean record (pythWL) is the record the Pirates should have as determined by their runs and runs allowed, so far this season the Pirates are actually two games "lucky" this season. I'll take it.

Next Week's Slate:

Tuesday, June 28 - Pittsburgh (Correia) at Toronto (Reyes) 7:07 p.m.
Wednesday, June 29 - Pittsburgh (Maholm) at Toronto (Morrow) 7:07 p.m.
Thursday, June 30 - Pittsburgh (Karstens) at Toronto (Villanueva) 7:07 p.m.
Friday, July 1 - Pittsburgh (Morton) at Washington (Gorzelanny) 7:05 p.m.
Saturday, July 2 - Pittsburgh (TBD) at Washington (Hernandez) 3:35 p.m.
Saturday, July 2 - Pittsburgh (TBD) at Washington (Lannan) 7:05 p.m.
Sunday, July 3 - Pittsburgh (TBD) at Washington (Marquis)  1:35 p.m.

Let me know what you think of the new feature and if you would like to see anything else in the weekly features the rest of the season.

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