Friday, June 10, 2011

TRBB Turns Two!

Two years ago to the day I wrote my greeting and the first ever post here at Three Rivers Burgh Blog. Since then I have wrote hundreds upon hundreds of season previews, game recaps, evaluations and live blogs. It has been a wild roller coaster that goes on day in and day out and I love every minute of it and enjoy interacting with a wide range of people.

When I started writing this two years ago the Penguins were in the middle of a Stanley Cup run and the Pirates just got done dealing away Ty Cobb Nate McLouth and I had some things that I wanted to say about that and that is how this thing got started. I really had no idea where this was going to go or how the whole thing would evolve, but I must admit that it has got much bigger and better than I thought it would.

I would really like to thank anyone that has ever read the blog, whether it was just one time or if you come back every day looking for whatever might come off my fingers and onto the site. I would like to thank every single person that follows me on twitter and interacts with me on a day to day basis. I really appreciate the love that everyone shows me in both venues and it really brings me back and keeps me going.

Hopefully we can keep this stuff going for some more years. Man, I feel old.

For my readers pleasure, some Calvin and Hobbes:

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