Friday, July 29, 2011

Game 104 Recap - Phillies 10, Pirates 3

Tonight was as bad as it gets if you are a Pirates fan. The Pirates got run out of the building in the first two innings and the offense could only muster four hits as they dropped a 10-3 decision.

You knew it was bad when Charlie Morton walked Jimmy Rollins on four pitches. Things looked up when Morton picked off Rollins when he was trying to steal. In the back of my mind I was trying to say that things might be alright and the Pirates might be able to hang around. I was dead wrong. After the initial out the Phillies scored three runs on five hits in the first and then tacked on five runs via three hits and an error in the second.

Charlie wasn’t good, but neither was the defense. Neil Walker botched an easy double play ball in the second and Garrett Jones needed a map out in right field and I am still not sure that would have helped him at all. Xavier Paul did his part with horrid base running and some poor outfield play as he tried to out suck Jones.

Pedro Ciriaco platted his second and third career runs in the eighth inning with his first hit of the year. Ciriaco just called up today when Chris Leroux went on the DL and to be honest I think this was the first time we have seen him in the game in like three months. That might not seem bad since he just got called up but he was on the 25 man for like two and a half of those three months.

There really isn’t anything else to say about this game. I could go on for like 10,000 words about what was wrong with this game but that would be pointless and not worth it. At worst the Pirates are going to be 2.5 games back after tonight and they have James McDonald and Jeff Karstens going in the next two nights who happen to be their two best pitchers of the second half. All that needs to be said is that Jones and Paul need to not be on the field anymore. I have stuck up for Jones for a while but his outfield play has been atrocious at best and Xavier Paul is a pinch runner or defensive replacement guy at best.

Frustrating game but like I said before it is only one game out of 162. To think this team wouldn’t get blow out once the rest of the season would be foolish, especially with how bad their offense has been lately. Still sucks.

Not really sure what is going on with Charlie Morton. He has been horrendously bad against lefties this year and Philly trotted out seven of them tonight. He was getting rocked and it wasn’t pretty. After a good start to the year he had a really tough June and then a pretty good July so far until tonight. I have no idea what his deal is but it seems that his struggle are largely against lefties and unless he can figure out a way to pitch them it might be tough going.

All that being said I am not ready to cut Morton out of the rotation. He has been good this year and not every team is going to be able to roll the quality lefties out against him like the Phillies are able to do. It is concerning but I don’t think we are at the total breaking point yet. Hopefully he can pull things together. His last two starts were good except for the fact he didn’t reach the sixth inning, but you’ll have that. In the last two starts before this he only have up three earned runs and gave up nine combined hits in 10.1 innings. The bad part is the walks (seven combined in the last two starts before tonight) but if he can figure that out he will be fine. While tonight sucks let’s not get all bent out of shape.

Another one tomorrow. Get your mind right.

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