Thursday, July 28, 2011

Steelers Ink Colon, Scott, Mundy and Legursky

Another busy day for the Steelers as there was a ton of information to go through. With the Pirates season in full swing and them being in the race for the division I will not always be able to get to all the Steelers stuff right away, but I will do the best I can to throw things up when they come.

Late last night the news went out that the Steelers were going to cut Max Starks. This morning it because news and Starks was now out of the picture. This took a lot of people by surprise but for some reason it really wasn't that big of a deal to me. Starks had a $7M cap hit and with the Steelers fighting to get under the the salary cap this was a logical choice. Starks also was out for much of last season with a neck injury and the word on the street is he came into camp out of shape so that might have been the last straw.

After Starks was let go you thought the Steelers would pursue Willie Colon but word was that he was getting deals from multiple different teams and that he might go elsewhere which would really leave the Steelers in a bad spot on the offensive line. A little later in the day word came through that Colon had decided to take a deal with the Steelers for five years worth a reported $29M with $7.5M being guaranteed. Colon took a hometown discount to stay with the team as he reveiled that the Chicago Bears offered him about $3M more to play with them. Good sign for the Steelers. Colon will probably play right tackle but could really play guard if the Steelers somehow bring back Flozel Adams.

Later in the day it was also reported that Jon Scott was brough back for a two year deal. Scott was forced into playing time last season and while he wasn't good for much of the season he did have some bright spots. Scott will be back in a backup roll and this is a pretty much "meh" deal to report.

Word is Doug Legursky and Ryan Mundy have signed their tenders to stay with the Steelers. There isn't much news on this yet but if I see anything more about it I will post it here.

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