Tuesday, July 12, 2011

TRBB Podcast 12 - Pirates Mid Season with @rtjr, @northsidenotch and @mceffect

Going into baseball season not much was expected from the Pittsburgh Pirates. After a 105 loss season many were predicting another 100 loss season in 2011. Well, after a half of play the Pirates are in the midst of their best season in recent memory and we are all along for the ride. Since the All-Star break can bring little in terms of news from the Pirates I thought it would be nice to get a round table of bloggers together to talk about the Pirates at the mid season point. Joining me on my latest installment of the Three Rivers Burgh Blog podcast is Brian of Raise the Jolly Roger, Jim of the North Side Notch and Jon of the "Mc" Effect.

These three guys are some of the best in terms of Pirates blogging and they are a must read if you consider yourself a Pirates fan.

Over the course of the podcast we discussed pretty much everything about the first half of the season which includes the first half MVP, LVP, what went right and what we can expect to happen in the second half. We also go into more detail about trade deadline possibilities and many other topics.

I would like to thank Brian, Jim and Jon for taking the time to come on and talk with me. Make sure you check them out on twitter and on their blogs.

You can listen to the podcast below and you can hear all the podcast's on iTunes. Just go to the podcast section and type in "Three Rivers Burgh Blog" and you will get hooked up.

Enjoy and leave your thoughts in the comments.

TRBB Podcast 12 - Pirates Mid Season    

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