Saturday, August 6, 2011

Game 112 Recap - Padres 13, Pirates 2

As bad as things last night were for the Pirates they were just as bad, if not worse, tonight. The Pirates gave up double figure runs for the third time in five games and just got smoked by the Padres for the second consecutive night, 13-2.

The Pirates only had eight hits on the night, two in the ninth inning, and could scratch only two runs across the board and nothing went well tonight. When the team wasn’t hitting they weren’t play good defense and when they were able to do that they weren’t pitching well and as the saying goes “when it rains it pours” and there is hurricane force rain in Pittsburgh for this home stand.

Paul Maholm didn’t pitch well by any stretch of the imagination but he was able to gut it out for six innings of work while giving up seven runs on 10 hits and five strikeouts. Maholm’s first strikeout of the night, in the first inning, was the 700th for his career and got a nice ovation from the sellout crowd at PNC but they didn’t have anything else to cheer about.

Chris Resop was the second reliever to come in after Joe Beimel went 1.1 innings and Resop gave up the second grand slam in as many days. Resop did not record an out and gave up four runs on three hits and a walk. Xavier Paul was actually in the pen ready to throw if Jose Veras got into trouble in the ninth inning, but it didn’t come to that.

Ronny Cedeno should not see the field tomorrow for the Pirates. It is one thing to be disappointed and down about the way things are going but it is another thing to mail it in while you are in the game. Cedeno made two errors tonight and then a third when a runner reached because Ronny decided it was OK to glove tap with two outs and a runner on third. Mental error and it is unacceptable. The worst of the errors happened in the top of the ninth inning with one out and there was a ball sort of in the hold and Cedeno went over and half assed a ball on the backhand and booted it. There was little to no effort and he clearly had given up on the game. Getting spanked happens. Losing streaks happen. Not having enough pride to make a play while you are in the game is unacceptable and he should be sat. Inexcusable.

To be honest this has been really hard to watch. This is shades of the 2010 Pittsburgh Pirates. I know this sucks really bad now but this has to make you appreciate what the Pirates have been able to do for more than a half of a season this year. Those were some of the best time the Pirates have had in some time but that makes the pain of this nine game streak that much harder. The Pirates will win another game this year and they will surpass their 57 game win total from last year so you need to keep things in perspective, but this sucks really bad.

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