Sunday, August 7, 2011

Game 113 Recap - Padres 7, Pirates 3

If things were at the low point after getting blown out in the last two nights then things are defiantly at rock bottom after getting swept by the Padres in front of another sellout crowd at PNC Park. The Pirates bats didn’t come around until they were already down seven in the eighth inning and the pitching wasn’t good enough early to keep the game close. Just frustrating.

Kevin Correia wasn’t bad today but as he got late into the game he unraveled. After he gave up a second inning run Correia ran off a few perfect innings before he hit a snag in the sixth inning. After getting back-to-back groundouts he gave up a single to Juan Guzman and walked Orlando Hudson and Kyle Blanks to load the bases. Logan Forsythe then singled to center to score Guzman and Hudson before Correia got pulled. He was then lifted for Daniel McCutchen who intentionally walked the eight hitter and then threw a wild pitch (though it should have been blocked by Ryan Doumit) to score Blanks which was tacked on to Correia’s line.

It certainly has been worse this year for Correia but that sixth inning and then the pen giving up three runs over the next two innings didn’t help. It also didn’t help that the Pirates only had two hits through the first seven innings of the game.

The Pirates got four hits in the eighth innings which culminated with a three run home run by Brandon Wood, which was the only extra base hit of the game and the eighth inning was the first, and only, inning where the Pirates got a runner to second base.

This home stand has been horrid. After the series in Philadelphia most thought the Pirates could get back on track against a couple of bad teams in the Cubs and Padres before going off on a tough road stretch which starts tomorrow in San Francisco. I set a goal of 5-2 for the Pirates for these seven games and at the end of the day they went 0-7. If the hitters were having a good day then the pitchers weren’t doing their part. If the pitchers were having a good day then the hitters wouldn’t show up. It has been beyond frustrating and hopefully they can get a win and get back to playing some decent baseball on the road because they haven’t been able to do that at home.

Things have to get better because let’s be honest, they can’t get much worse.

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