Saturday, August 13, 2011

Game 117 Recap - Brewers 7, Pirates 2

There isn't much I hate more than losing to the Brewers. I got to go to the game tonight and other than the Pirates short attempt at a comeback in the eighth inning there wasn't much to be happy about if you were a Pirates fan.

Zack Greinke absolutely cruised through his 7.2 innings worth of work and racked up nine strikeouts, six of those came in the first four innings to pick up his seventh win. Paul Maholm on the other hand struggled through five innings of work in 95 pitches.

Maholm just couldn't get the outs when he needed them. He gave up four runs and all of them came with two outs. If there was ever a time that not being a strikeout pitcher killed Maholm it was tonight. He wasn't bad early on but the Brewers just fouled off pitch after pitch and made Maholm come into their wheel house and they made him pay. Casey McGehee was the big one with a two out, two strike, triple that scored two runs in the third inning to push the score to 3-0.

Like I said the Bucs battled back and got two hard earned runs to know Greinke out of the game in the eighth inning but after Michael McKenry and Andrew McCutchen went back-to-back on doubles that scored runs Francisco Rodriguez got Xavier Paul to ground out.

The Pirates were down by two, 4-2, in the bottom of the eighth with the middle of their lineup due up in the ninth. This is a perfect opportunity to use Veras or Resop to get three outs and take your chances in the ninth. What does Clint Hurdle do? He goes to Joe Beimel who gives up back-to-back bombs to Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder to push the defecit to a margin that the Pirates wouldn't be able to come back from.

I just don't understand why Veras wasn't used. The second half of the season Hurdle hasn't been the best with bullpen management and while the Pirates might not have won the game even if Beimel got the shutdown inning it certainly didn't help the cause. Just really, really, frustrating to see. It isn't even like Beimel is the second or third best option out of the pen, he is probably one of the last options. Add onto the fact that he isn't even the best lefty option between the big club and AAA makes it even more frustrating.

Tomorrow is another day but if there is one thing I learned in a big way it's that the Brewers don't respect the Pirates. I am not just talking about the players, I am talking about the fans, coaches, everyone. As I walked out tonight there were Brewers fans coming up to Pirates fans just to rub it in their face. It is like the Pirates are the little brothers and the big brother just wants to embarrass the younger brother and that is what tonight was like.

Just frustrating to be a part of. I will be going back tomorrow. The Pirates have to step up and do something about this in the form of a gutty performance. I guess we will see what happens.

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