Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Game 122 Recap - Cardinals 7, Pirates 2

When I sat down to watch the game tonight and my MLB Extra Innings finally clicked on to ROOT Sports for the intro they showed four kids with painted chests holding brooms. I then knew that the PIrates were not going to get the win they needed to sweep the Cardinals.

When the Pirates have won the first two games of a three game series they never seem to close it out. Tonight was none different than the other 100 times (seemingly) that they have come in this situation this year. I would say that I am disappointed with the loss tonight but I can’t really get into that. While I hate losing and while I want the Pirates to win every game they play, I know that is not even close to realistic. If they can take two of three games in all of their series they will be in pretty good shape and beating a team in contention like the Cardinals two out of three is alright by me.

Honestly nothing of note happened tonight. Cards pitcher Kyle Lohse cruised through seven innings and only gave up five hits to the Pirates while striking out seven. The Cardinals pounded out 15 hits and scored seven runs so there wasn’t much to get excited about when you factor in the Pirates only have six hits and committed two errors.

Paul Maholm took the loss only going five innings. He had a really rough first inning where he gave up three runs and threw 30 pitches, but settled down over the next four innings, giving up no runs and only throwing 53 pitches over those final four innings. A lot of people are going to hate on Maholm, but he hasn’t been that bad over the scope of the entire season. The first inning sucked but he settled in and gave the Pirates a chance to win.

The pen wasn’t very good tonight as Brad Lincoln, Daniel McCutchen and Joe Beimel combined to give up seven hits and four runs over four innings but it didn’t much matter with the offense only putting up two runs. Sure the pen could have kept it a one run game but they have been pretty good lately so this was bound to happen, especially with how bad Lincoln has been since his call up and with how hit and miss McCutchen has been of recent.

Jose Tabata was about the only bright spot for the Pirates as he made his first start in right field for the Pirates. This is a pretty big deal for Tabata to play in right field in front of the Clemente wall because Roberto Clemente is pretty much his hero. In the fifth inning Tabata took a 3-1 pitch and drove it over the right field fence to cut the Cardinals lead to 3-2 to provide the offense. I am sure it felt pretty good for Jose to do that in his first start in right field.

Pirates get the day off tomorrow before they start a weekend series against the Reds. Take it easy tomorrow and watch the Steelers (they are on Fox) and get your minds right for a battle for third place on Friday.

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