Saturday, August 20, 2011

Game 123 Recap - Reds 11, Pirates 8

After starting the game scoreless through three innings the Pirates and Reds went on an unreal scoring streak which saw both team scored in almost every half inning. From the top of the fourth to the end of the game the teams combined to score 19 runs and only one time there was a two half innings where a team didn’t score (the Reds in the top of the 6th and the Pirates in the bottom of the 9th).

You don’t believe me how crazy this was? Look at the scoring summary for the game:

Again it was a case tonight of the Pirates only having one of the facits of the game down. The hitting was pretty good tonight and the pitching, well, not so much. The Pirates hitters banged out 14 hits but the problem was that the Reds also had 14 hits and managed to score three more runs than the Pirates.

Joel Hanrahan took the loss in a rare bad outing. He only went 0.1 inning, giving up two hits, three runs and a walk while earning the loss. He consistently was getting behind batters and wasn’t making the game easy on himself so it was pretty tough to watch. Bad outings happens so it happens.

Kevin Correia wasn’t very good in his outing either. He did go six innings but gave up six runs, all earned, on eight hits. He gave up three home runs and just continued his struggles at home in PNC Park. He was good through the first three innings but gave up a pair of runs on a home run in the fourth inning and then a solo shot and a three run bomb in the fifth inning. Really tough for Corriea. I am not sure how much I believe the “can’t pitch at home” thing but I really have no way to explain this.

Outside of the bad pitching the offense was there. Not too many times do the Pirates score in five straight innings and go 6-for-15 with runners in scoring position but it was fun to see the offense able to continue to come back and have a slug it out game, just too bad they couldn’t win it in the end.

The top of the order was really solid as Jose Tabata, Garrett Jones and Andrew McCutchen each had two hits and combined to go 6-for-14.

The guy that really had a great game was Brandon Wood. Wood has been pretty good this season despite pretty bad overall averages. He has some power and plays good enough defense to where he should probably be getting most of the play at third base, even if Chase d’Arnaud comes back no matter what the booth might want you to think. Tonight Wood had a 2-for-4 night and hit the ball hard each at bat and drove home three runs. He has been playing pretty decent ball of recent and has had some really nice at bats. I hope to see him in the lineup more.

I could go on about 100 other things but it will not change the fact that the Pirates just didn’t pitch well. When you pound out 14 hits and score eight runs, you should win. It didn’t happen tonight. Day game tomorrow so get ready for the game in like five minutes.

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