Monday, August 22, 2011

Game 126 & 127 Recap - Pirates 1-9, Brewers 8-2

Well in all honesty I didn't get to watch any of either game tonight. I have been out of state traveling and working all day that I didn't get to see anythings besides game cast on my phone. The first game I kept tabs on and it didn't look too bad, until I checked the game in the eighth inning and the Brewers ran away with it and then the second game had that feeling that the Brewers were just going to win it on a Braun or Fielder home run, but then the Pirates scored seven runs in the seventh inning and finally got a win over the Brewers.

The Bucs are now 1-9 against the top team in the NL Central and it feels good. Here are some general thoughts I got from the box scores and from text messages I was getting from some other people:

Game 1:

-Jeff Karstens pitched a pretty good game. The guy who very easily could be the staff ace seemed to pitch like it today and I had a few people commenting on it via text messages, the best was "well, we got the pitching, but that wasn't a major league lineup." I will only choose to talk about the first part of that now. Karstens went seven innings and gave up six hits and a walk. Not too shabby there Mr. Karstens.

-Jose Tabata was probably the only player of note in the game as he went 3-for-4 to pace an offense that only collected eight hits. Tabata has been great at the top of the lineup for the Pirates since his return from the DL and I can't recall too many bad at bats the kid has had. This is very encouraging as he had a terrible start to the year but he is starting to pick it up.

-The rest of the offense was mud. Josh Harrison was the only other Pirate to have multiple hits and managed to hit a one out triple in the bottom of the first inning only to get stranded on third base. Awesome. Got some messages that Steve Pearce needs to be gone, and I think he will be sooner rather than later. Obviously I didn't see him play today but from what I hear and from what I have seen from him since his call up, he looks just totally lost. I will be the first to admit that I was pretty excited to have Pearce back in the lineup, but there is just something majorly wrong with him now. No idea what it is, but I don't know what his future is with the club.

-Tony Watson and Joe Beimel combined to give up six runs between the eighth and ninth innings. Not going to cut it. To be 100% honest I am not sure how Beimel still has a spot in the pen.

Game 2:

The game was just ending when I got back to my hotel and as soon as I sat down on my bed to check the score my buddy sends me a text messages that says "we beat the Brewers." That was great to read and when I saw how they did it I was even happier.

Too many times the Pirates will have a one or two run lead and not be able to get the kill shot (if you must) and put a team away. Tonight they did that by scoring seven runs in the bottom of the seventh of a tie game. Amazing. They finally got to Zach Greinke, who was tagged for seven runs on seven hits through 6.1 innings of work and the pitching staff held the Brewers to only four hits in the night cap.

-I have no been high on Brad Lincoln since his recall but he did a hell of a job tonight. With no Veras and Hanrahan tonight he had to go deep in this game and he did. Six innings, three hits, two runs, one walk. I will take that every day of the week.

-Tabata picked up two hits and raised his average to .280 and also now has a respectable OPS of .748 which includes an OBP of .363. He has been on a tear since his recall (like I said before) and if he can keep this up the new deal he signed will be laughably good for the Pirates down the road.

-Every Pirates starter had at least a hit tonight while Ryan Doumit had two hits and another home run. His defense is awful but he has been putting some good wood on the ball and giving the Pirates some offense behind the plate. The Bucs were also 6-for-10 with runners in scoring position. They have been pretty good in that aspect over the last week's worth of games.

Overall this was a huge game for both starting pitchers, Karstens and Lincoln. The bullpen was really short tonight and it was so important that they went deep into the ball game against a really good offensive team. They did that and should be commended for really sacking up and doing their job and giving the team a chance to win.

Another game against the Brewers tomorrow.

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