Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Game 128 Recap - Brewers 11, Pirates 4

Well there really isn't too much to be surprised about in the third game of the series. I guess you could be surprised that Josh Harrison hit his first career home run in the majors but Marco Estrada again dominated the Pirates and that was about it.

The second inning was pretty typical, the Brewers scored seven runs and batted around, plus some, and Ross Ohlendorf just got rocked. He didn't miss any bats in the inning and as I listened to the Brewers broadcast in the car during the trip home I just got angry.

I got home in time to see Ryan Doumit again fail to even come close to throwing out a runner on a pitch out. His defesne just literally can't get much worse. He doesn't receive pitches well, he doesn't block the ball well and he just can't throw runners out. He has improved from last season but what is that really saying? He brings some good offense, which the Pirates desperately need, but the defense is just so brutal.

Ohlendorf somehow got through five innings and actually threw four shutout innings, the problem was that he gave up seven runs in that one inning he gave up runs in. This was his first outing since going on the DL in April so I guess we shouldn't expected him to throw a shutout in his first game back, especially against a really good Brewers team, but I think it was just shocking to see him give up the seven spot in the second.

Ronny Cedeno had three hits, Neil Walker had two, but after getting down seven runs early it was too big of a mountain to climb.

Hopefully the Bucs can split the series (!) today. That would actually be a great series considering how two of the first three games went.

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