Friday, August 26, 2011

Game 131 Recap - Cardinals 5, Pirates 4

Maybe it is just me, but I find it amazingly hard to watch a game when the St. Louis Cardinals are playing. They are just so incredibly boring that they literally suck the life out of you if you are a fan of a team playing them or if you are just a fan of baseball as a whole.

Tonight was much of the same for the Pirates. They couldn’t hold onto a lead and let one slip away late as the Cardinals were able to squeak by with a 5-4 win. James McDonald couldn’t get through seven inning and the usually reliable Jose Veras gave up a two run bomb in the bottom of the eighth inning with one out to Lance Berkman. Blah.

The Pirates got on the board in a big way in the first inning scoring three runs off RBI singles by Andrew McCutchen and Ryan Doumit. It all looked good, but it wasn’t. I guess I get lost and forget that most of the time teams can tie or take the lead with one swing of the bat. The Pirates are not a team that is going to do that so for some reason I think that other teams can’t. They can. The Cardinals can. Yadier Molina can. Man I do not like Molina. He went deep in the bottomof the second inning and tied the game which took the Pirates their entire lineup to push across in the first inning. Just frustrating.

Jose Tabata put the Pirates back on the baord in the fourth inning with an RBI double that scored Ronny Cedeno, and for the rest of the game it looked like that was going to be enough. That was obviously silly of me to think. Veras came on in the bottom of the eighth and got Albert Pujols to strike out on some dirty pitches and then walked Matt Holliday before the Molina home run. It just seems like games are so much harder to come by anymore.

McDonald wasn’t bad tonight and he wasn’t great either, he just gave a solid outing. Six plus innings of work and only giving up five hits isn’t a bad outing, but walking three is. He threw 91 pitches in the six plus innings which shows he wasn’t very effective but has he really been that effective this year at all? He really on made one mistake which was the home run to Molina which was the reason for all the earned runs he gave up.

Jason Grilli came in and gave another strong effort going a perfect inning when he came in for McDonald and then Veras gave up the jack, which I touched on earlier. Veras has been outstanding all year and to be honest the home run pitch to Berkman wasn’t a bad pitch. It was on the outter half and the ROOT pitch tracker showed that the ball was on the low line so you can’t really expect much more from a pitch, it was just a good swing from Berkman.

The Pirates offense could only muster seven hits, three of which were off the bat of McCutchen. No other Pirate picked up a hit and the five through eight hitters combined to go 1-for-11, which isn’t going to help you much. The Bucs did hit pretty well with runners in scoring position (3-for-7), but it just wasn’t enough tonight.

Chris Carpenter is on the hill tomorrow for the Cards so hopefully Brad Lincoln can have a strong outing to give the Bucs a chance. Tomorrow is a day game on FOX and Bob Walk will be doing the color. I think you all know how I feel about FOX broadcasts so at least Walk will be on there to pronounce the Pirates names right.

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