Monday, August 29, 2011

Game 134 Recap - Astros 7, Pirates 4

Tough times man, tough times.

Against a pretty thin lineup the Pirates bent over and took it. They struck out a ton of times (not even going to look, the last time I saw it was 13) and Jose Veras gave up a three run bomb to Carlos Lee that pretty much sealed it up in the seventh inning.

The Pirates had five hits, four in the fourth inning, all right in a row in the fourth inning. All of them were extra base hits and they scored five runs out of it. The Pirates only got one hit in an inning that wasn’t the fourth. Just an abysmal game to watch if you are a Pirates fan.

I guess we get to come back and do it again. Hey, at least Wandy Rodriguez isn’t pitching again.

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