Thursday, August 18, 2011

Steelers Preseason Game Day 2 - vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Even though the Steelers are playing a team from Philadelphia and they are going to be playing at Heinz Field but it can't take away from the fact that this is a preseason game and I think most people feel the same way about the preseason games.

This one should be alright in terms of the part of the preseason it occurs. The Eagles are one of the few teams in the NFC who are thought to be contenders for the Super Bowl and with its off season acquisitions they seem like one of the best teams in the league. Typically the first and fourth preseason games are the ones that the starters play the fewest and the games where you really get to see the young guys. Tonight the starters will play the first quarter, maybe a little bit more, and the Eagles have said their starters might play the full first half. This should give us a little more extended look at the first units (of those that are healthy, or even close to healthy) for more than a series like we saw last week.

I think the same sediments can be echoed for this week as last week. The guys to watch and what I would like to see hasn't really changed since there were very few cuts already besides the Steelers getting rid of Limas Sweed.

After struggling to protect Ben Roethlisberger last week the offensive line will need to be strong and show us a little something. There should be a lot of flux in what we see as it seems as if the team wants to give Tony Hills an extended look at some different spots on the line. The offensive line has never been good but at some point it would be nice for Ben to stay clean for a series. A patchwork line worked last year but that really isn't a way to play over an extended period and still be a contender.

I am actually pretty excited to see is Jerricho Cotchery who was brought in by the Steelers last week. Cotchery is a veteran receiver and should help give the Steelers some depth at a position where they have an aging starter (Ward) and a young gun who has yet to come back from off season foot surgery (Sanders). Word is that Cotchery has been very impressive in camp and with Sanders out is the teams clear cut third receiver. Getting into a flow with Ben should be big for these two over the next couple of weeks and should be a big part of the Steelers.

The Steelers cornerback situation is about as thin as they possibly could be. Taylor, McFadden, Butler and Allen will all not be playing tonight so it is really hard to imagine the Steelers showing any dime since they probably will not have enough DB's dressed to go into the dime. We will see some of the young guys get some big time minutes such as Curtis Brown and Keenan Lewis. It will be good for these guys to get as much playing time as possible to see what they can offer this year. I can't imagine what would happen during the regular season if Ike went down so please someone else show me something.

The finals thing about tonight is probably the most important about this game, and any game in the preseason, and that is injuries. The last thing any team needs in the preseason is to get any of their main players, or starters, hurt in the preseason that means nothing. I will be happy if the Steelers come out of this game healthy. It would be great if the Steelers win but it is not a concern for me if they don't.

Should be nice to watch the game tonight after I had to miss the first preseason game last week. It is also great the the Pirates are off tonight so I don't have to channel flip. Maybe have something up after the game. Not really sure yet.

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